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Indoor Plants

Domino did this whole story on indoor plants and I kind of got discouraged. Reading the article is like reading an obituary of all the plants I’ve killed this summer. My sad little lemon tree that I bought way back when is barely hanging on and all my herbs died about a month ago {even my big beautiful rosemary bush.} The only one that is surviving ok is my topiary. There are few things as depressing as throwing a dead plant away.

At my office we pay this Australian guy a ton of money to take care of my boss’s special plants. So when he came in last Friday I showed him the magazine article and asked him what I was doing wrong. When he talks he sounds like the Crocodile Hunter {RIP}. So you can imagine his voice in your head. “HA HA HA. Those aren’t indoor plants. Look, those don’t even have water catchers on them, the whole thing was staged. They were taken from some green house and set there for the shoot.” I explained to him that the story said the lady had kept the lemon tree 5 years and it produces 40 lemons a year. He said {in his C.H. voice}that maybe the lemon tree was authentic but that it was sitting in front of a huge window with no drapes and that it would need some serious sun and the right amount of water to survive indoors. What he said and what basically the article said is that you should keep the plants outside in the spring/summer/fall but then bring it inside in front of a bright window during the winter.