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Affordable House of the Week

This house is so pretty. At $205K it isn’t very expensive so my guess is the inside is probably crappy but look how cute it is on the outside! If I lived in that house I would always have parties in my front yard under a big tent. It is in Logan, Utah so if you want it you have to be willing to live in the middle of nowhere. We should buy this but we probably won’t.

  1. Anonymous

    September 27, 2006

    That looks exactly like the house from the first issue of Blueprint!

  2. liz

    September 27, 2006

    best house post ever- the price is worth it just for that grass alone! what a great yard and amazing curb appeal.

  3. Heather

    September 27, 2006

    So so cute! Can you find one just like that for me near American Fork with comparable price? Thanks!

  4. jordan

    September 27, 2006

    Isn’t it a beauty. It would be nice for a spring or summer home… You can’t pay me to go to Logan in the winter (except when we have to visit family). It is just so cold and snowy.

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