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I love researching products and feeling confident and happy with my final purchases. I also love photography, so when I decided to purchase my two digital cameras (one is cheap, the other a pricey SLR) I went to Digital Photography Review to find the perfect cameras.

This digital photography site is run by some guy and you can get specs and compare models of all types of cameras – including old models too (for any Ebayers out there). He also takes pictures with the cameras (most of lovely London, including his cute wife and the Tower Bridge) so you can see the quality. Plus, they have a glossary that explains all the terms so if you aren’t sure what a pixel is or what white balance means, it’s all there baby.

I love to see all the camera models out there, compare them side-by-side, see what the going rates are for prices and then bam! see what the final photos look like. It really makes shopping so easy and comforting.