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Rebecca got us free tickets to Rent last night. The story is really sad and depressing. Part of me feels guilty because there are so many homeless people in San Francisco and my tolerance is much lower than it was when I first moved here. But the other part of me is a cold-hearted pragmatist. I want to tell the characters in the play to stop doing heroin and get jobs.

I realized I might have been alone in my feelings toward the play when I looked around and everyone was bawling, Including the 8 foot tall 300+ pound giant sitting in front of us. He wiped his eyes several times before I realized he was crying.

I had a really good time. Thanks Rebecca.

  1. liz

    July 26, 2006

    oh but I loved how the music is more current (right word?) and kept me interested. I also was in the last row when I saw it, so it was hard to see all the details of what was going on.

  2. jordan

    July 27, 2006

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. I think the music really is it’s saving grace.

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