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Disposable Cameras

When we went on our honeymoon to Paris we had a little bit of a camera issue. Paul’s nice digital camera was big and we didn’t want to lug it all over the city. Paul tried to buy a small little digital one the day we left but all the stores were closed by the time we thought of it. So at the airport we bought 6 disposable cameras. At the time we were sad that our honeymoon was going to be recorded by some cheap process but it ended up being so great. I love how they turned out. There is something rad about film, you can’t take an infinite amount of pictures so you have to think about each photo. If you want to see them click here.

  1. Hayan Design

    July 25, 2006

    lovely pics!

  2. Erin

    July 25, 2006

    They are great pictures. You look so pretty in them.

  3. nie nie

    July 25, 2006

    that was so fun looking at those. i think my favorite was the one of paul in front of the naked lady…

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