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Comcast is a wuss

When we signed up for Comcast over a year ago they charged us $40 a month for high speed internet and cable. The guy on the phone was so nice to me. We thought that was a pretty fair deal even though we can get free internet from our neighbors. We had to make an appointment three weeks in advance and finally the cable guy showed up to set us up with our dream cable set-up. Soon after he left we realized not only had he given us the cable box without the Tivo function but he hadn’t given us the hi-definition cables we needed for our flat screen tv (we got it off ebay for cheap.) I called them and all of a sudden they weren’t my best friend anymore. They wanted to charge us more to come out again and then charge us another $30 a month. Since in our heart of hearts we’re cheapos we told them nevermind and have lived with out hi definition tv and tivo for a year now. Without realizing it little by little Comcast has been charging us more and more everymonth until we realized we were paying $120 for basic cable and internet. Finally I called Comcast and told them we wanted to quit. I sort of thought they would offer us a better deal when I threatened to quit but it turns out they didn’t care. So I scheduled a cancellation in one week.

A few days later Comcast called and begged forgiveness and told us we could have the $40 rate again and this time we could have it for 6 months.

But there were a lot of life changing experiences this weekend. First our cable box died. While Paul was in exchanging the box for one that worked they gave us an upgrade. You are now reading the blog of a girl who has hi definition tv AND tivo.

The moral of the story is don’t let Comcast call your bluff. Just hold out and they’ll come crawling back for a second chance. And they might even upgrade your system.

  1. bex

    July 17, 2006

    i am always telling betsy that we can get a better rate!!!

  2. ashlynn

    July 17, 2006

    So how much do you get your HDTV for? $40 a month? Our’s is way more that is why we are too cheap to get it!

  3. Heather

    July 17, 2006

    Arrgh, I have major issues with comcast, but there aren’t any other internet/cable providers out here in Provo.

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