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I know, I know, cupcakes are getting passé. Perhaps it was when it Katie Holmes professed her love for Sprinkles or when Jake Gyllenhall stopped by Magnolia. But somewhere in the last year I got sick of hearing about cupcakes. That does not mean I am above making them or tasting them or owning every book written on them. One thing San Francisco lacks is a bonafide cupcake store. We’ve got Kara’s Cupcakes but you have to order them in advance. Some small bakeries have a few types but there are no
stores completely devoted to cupcakes. I mean, even Oakland’s got a decent one. I was complaining about this the other day and someone suggested I open a cupcake store. I really have no desire to open a cupcake store. My desire is more in the area of eating cupcakes. Here are my favorite cupcake resources.

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Favorite Cupcake Books
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