Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2012 was good but it felt really busy. Most of the year was spent getting settled after moving back from Paris, so this January feels like a true clean slate. I love setting goals and making lists and scheming up big plans (whether they actually happen or not) so this time of year is my absolute favorite. I love the idea that you can make a plan and work hard to become happier. I remember realizing this when I was a teenager. I don’t recall the exact details but I remember I was feeling unhappy and I went on a little hike and sat down at a lookout point with a blank sheet of paper and pen and made a list of how I wanted my life to be. As I hiked back to my car I was so happy. It’s funny because in actuality nothing had changed but I was excited about my plans and was going to make things happen. I’ve learned a lot more about setting goals since I was a teenager but the basic process still works for me. If I’m ever unhappy I usually just need to sit down with a pen and paper and make a plan.

I have lots of ideas for this year but one goal is to make deeper connections with friends and family. Make lunch meeting more often, have more dinner parties, go on weekly dates with Paul, take my children out on dates, give more gifts and surprises to people I love. I’m really excited about this. What are your goals this year?

ps: Muji makes the best pens and notebooks. We finally got one in San Francisco so I don’t have to trek all the way to NYC to get my favorite pens anymore.

Open Studio in San Francisco

This weekend Paul is participating in Open Studio here in San Francisco. It’s where artists open up their studios to the public and show new work. There is a map telling what artists are participating this weekend right here. Paul will be showing his series of large beach paintings and some Paris and landscape paintings. Please stop by, we’ll be serving cake.

Ferney Art Studio / 766 Valencia St #23, San Francisco, CA 94110
October 27th and 28th / 11AM to 6PM

If you wanted commission one of Paul’s paintings for the Holidays the Commission Project it will be closing on Monday October 29th. There are 30 more spots left!

Family Photos in Paris

Here are some of the photos Alpha Smoot took of us when she was in Paris last month. I wanted some really casual family photos that showed us in our Paris apartment. I really tried not to fuss too much with outfits or hair so it would look natural and not too perfect. Alpha was great to work with, I sent her pictures of The Glow as inspiration and then she just hung out with us for a couple hours one morning. I love how they turned out, and they totally captured our Paris apartment. The last picture you can see shows us at the cafe below our apartment. Those windows were our bedrooms!


Our friend Alpha Smoot was in Paris last month so she stopped by to take some family photos. I loved how they turned out. We hadn’t had family photos taken since Moses was a baby and I wanted something that felt natural and casual and showed a little of our life in Paris. I was going to share more photos next week but I thought this was a good one for Mother’s Day. I love being these guys’ mom.



GQ France

GQ France did a little article about creative people in Paris. We were so honored and flattered to be included. The article was done by Valerie Dray who is one of my favorite people I’ve met in France so far. You can see the whole article right here. (It’s in French!)

photo by Valerie Dray for GQ France