Invitations are so important! It’s how you tell people how great your party is going to be. Here are some of our favorite invitation inspiration.

Envelope Inspiration No. 2

Here are 10 inspiring handmade envelopes. My favorite is #6! It’s much better to find one of these in your mailbox than bills.  (PS – Envelope Inspiration No. 1)

Envelope Inspiration No. 2 | Oh Happy Day!

1. Vintage Letter | 2. Polka Dot Envelopes | 3. Melon Mail | 4. Confetti Envelope | 5. World Mail Day | 6. Hand Lettered Envelope | 7. Spotty Parcel | 8. Gold Letter | 9. Confetti Letter | 10.Cutout Name Mail

Party Clock Invitation DIY

by Sally J Shim

I love a good pun and this Party Clock Invitation DIY will let the recipient know it is time for a fun celebration. You can customize the text on the invitation to reflect the type of party you are throwing, whether it is a birthday party, housewarming party, or baby shower. Try cutting a circle from patterned paper if you want a bit more pattern and color on your invitation. If there are important details that will not fit on the front of the invitation, print it on the back of the invitation.

Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!Party Clock Invitation DIY | Oh Happy Day!

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Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable

When I am throwing an extra special party I love doing something extra special with the invitation. It really does make a difference in getting people excited for the party. I love the idea of putting invitations in boxes with a little sweet or surprise. The delivery can be a little more complicated than just dropping it in the mail (I usually hand deliver most of them) but I always get a really good response from invitations like these. For these we got the boxes here and used sixlets, I think they look so modern and cute. We taped the accordion invitation to the lid so that when you open it unfolds with the party details. Find the free-printable and more details below!

Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable | Oh Happy Day!Baby Shower Invitation in a Box + Free Printable | Oh Happy Day!

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Tiny Prints

I’m still a huge fan of sending out paper invitations. I love all these cute designs from Tiny Prints. Digital printing is a great way to save time & money when I’m planning a party. Tiny Prints has a ton of great designs to choose from and once you order, they arrive in the mail very fast. Before my kids head back to school (so soon!) I think it would be fun to personalize their notebooks and order a few classroom tags for all their supplies. Here are a few of my favorite supplies in case you want to plan your own party before summer ends:

Tiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny PrintsTiny Prints + Oh Happy Day!

A. Sunray Party Invitations | B. Plastic Cutlery | C. Confetti Balloons | D. Address Labels | E. Confetti | F. Striped Plates | G. Baby Shower Invitations | H. Ice Cream Cone

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, where every choice is a stylish choice.

Photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day

Bon Voyage Party Invitations

by Kathleen Ballos

I love making eye-catching invitations – I feel like you get RSVPs much quicker when the invitation isn’t just a plain text email. These paper lantern globe invitations are perfect if you’re throwing a bon voyage party for a friend. Wouldn’t it be fun to make one from a giant paper lantern for party decor? Just hang it with some happy decorations and you’re good to go!

Bon Voyage Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!Bon Voyage Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!Bon Voyage Party Invitations | Oh Happy Day!

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