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  1. Scott and Melissa

    March 18, 2009

    What program did you use to design the invites and stickers?

  2. jordan

    March 18, 2009

    I used Adobe Illustrator.

  3. Joanna Goddard

    March 18, 2009

    these are SO sweet!

  4. The Woman Behind the Words

    March 18, 2009

    I love this idea and have been on-line all day lookin for a cute idea for my daughter’s birthday invitations. What size were the boxes that you used?

  5. caitlin.d

    March 18, 2009

    i’m going to have to plan a party just to be able to send out invites like these!

  6. Kimberly Julie

    March 18, 2009

    Oh. My. Goodness! How amazingly cute and delicious at the same time!

  7. kikislc

    March 18, 2009

    Do you know what sizes the boxes were?? Thanks 🙂

  8. jordan

    March 18, 2009

    I think they were 6×5.

  9. Erin {PlinkPlink}

    March 18, 2009

    I have never seen such cute baby shower invitations!! I would have melted if I had been one of the recipients!

  10. Jamie

    March 18, 2009

    Hello, my dear. Where can I find the back issues of the Martha Stewart Kids magazine? Nicole said the link was somewhere on your blog.


  11. Jamie

    March 18, 2009

    Nevermind. Found it.

  12. Brandi

    March 19, 2009

    So happy and sweet! Can’t wait to use this idea

  13. Leigh

    March 19, 2009

    I am in love with this concept!

  14. Anonymous

    March 23, 2009

    I am loving your blog—thank you for sharing your ideas. I have a question about the invitation, did you hand stamp the design border at the top or did you use a digital stamp?

    Thank you,


  15. jordan

    March 23, 2009

    Hi terry,

    I designed it in Adobe Illustrator then printed it.

  16. made sweet

    March 28, 2009

    oh fer cute.

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