Flamingo Inspiration

I’m obsessed with flamingos. There’s something so magical about these pretty pink birds! Here are a few ways I’ve found to include more flamingos in my life.  Which ones would you try? (PS -A Flamingo Baby Shower!)

Flamingo Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Party Lights | 2. Pattern | 3. Candle | 4. Invitations | 5. Cookie | 6. Cake Toppers | 7. Straws

Spring Home Shopping

Every spring, I love buying a few special pieces to spruce up my house. I’ve found some awesome things online this past week. In past posts,  I’ve shared that I’ve been using the website Chippmunk when I purchase any clothes online. But I was so excited to discover that they also have great deals at home interior stores! Basically, before I buy anything online I check for store coupons on Chippmunk. They have exclusive coupons for tons of retailers. They also post links to stores that are having good sales. Chippmunk has really changed the way I shop online (and has saved me tons of money on things I’d already be buying.) Here are a few things I’d love to add to our home this spring! (PS – Awesome coupons at West ElmCB2Anthropologie & Serena & Lily!)

Spring Home Shopping | Oh Happy Day!

1. Dot Pop Salad Plate | 2. Dip Dyed Stools | 3. Wire Script Sculpture | 4. Industrial Task Table Lamp | 5. Pebble Bud Vase | 6. Sophia Hot Pink Dining Chair | 7. Ombre Velvet Pillow | 8. Wee Watering Pot

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most!

Cactus Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been seeing cactuses everywhere.  I love these little plants because I can actually keep them alive. Here are 7 fun ways to incorporate more cactuses into your life. Which one is your favorite?

Cactus Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Desktop Wallpaper | 2. Paper Centerpieces | 3. iPhone Case | 4. Home Decor | 5. Cupcakes | 6. Gardens | 7. On the Wall

My New Cards + How to Edge Paint Stripes

I’m a little embarrassed every time somebody asks me for a business card. Even though I have a letterpress I haven’t made myself business cards in 4 years! Last week I realized I have several conferences and meetings coming up in the next few months (like Alt Summit and Maker’s Summit) and decided to just make some really basic cards. Just a logo on the front and name and email on the back. After they were printed I felt like they needed a little something-something and got an idea for edge-painting stripes on the sides. I loved that when you separate the cards they look like they have little colored confetti around the edges. It was just an idea and I wasn’t sure if it would work but I was really happy with how it turned out. The one disclaimer is that it is really time consuming. Don’t commit to this project unless you need to start a new TV series on DVD.

Striped Edge Painting | Oh Happy DayStriped Edge Painting | Oh Happy DayStriped Edge Painting | Oh Happy DayStriped Edge Painting | Oh Happy Day


Inspiration No. 26

I have been beginning to shop a little bit for the holidays and am getting excited about all the pretty things out there. Here are some of the things I’ve got my eye on.

Inspiration Oh Happy Day

A. Whenever I see a good Clutch-style bag I always buy it because when you actually need them they are so hard to find. This one is perfect.  B. I love this coat is a little cape-y and that high neck is amazing. C. I’ve had my eye on this necklace and it is going on my Christmas list for sure. D. Shiny shoes that act like nuetrals. E. I’ve been looking for a new iphone case and THIS ONE is my favorite. F. I ordered a couple of these light fixtures after seeing this new-to-me brand on Joanna Goddard’s house makeover. I love the brass and the black together!! G. I started a collection of Mud Australia dishes and have been dreaming about growing my collection.