Spring Home Shopping

Every spring, I love buying a few special pieces to spruce up my house. I’ve found some awesome things online this past week. In past posts,  I’ve shared that I’ve been using the website Chippmunk when I purchase any clothes online. But I was so excited to discover that they also have great deals at home interior stores! Basically, before I buy anything online I check for store coupons on Chippmunk. They have exclusive coupons for tons of retailers. They also post links to stores that are having good sales. Chippmunk has really changed the way I shop online (and has saved me tons of money on things I’d already be buying.) Here are a few things I’d love to add to our home this spring! (PS – Awesome coupons at West ElmCB2Anthropologie & Serena & Lily!)

Spring Home Shopping | Oh Happy Day!

1. Dot Pop Salad Plate | 2. Dip Dyed Stools | 3. Wire Script Sculpture | 4. Industrial Task Table Lamp | 5. Pebble Bud Vase | 6. Sophia Hot Pink Dining Chair | 7. Ombre Velvet Pillow | 8. Wee Watering Pot

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Our Ribbon Wall!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a rainbow ribbon wall at my studio. I’ve collected tons of ribbon over the years, but up until now it’s just been sitting in boxes in my party closet. When we moved into the new studio last year, I purchased an awesome bottle drying rack at the Alameda Flea Market so that we could start displaying all our ribbon. We hung it up and threw on the ribbon we had, but it was still missing something. I knew we needed some special ribbon to fill in the holes. So, I was super excited when I met Angela Liguori the last time I was in New York. She sells the most beautiful Italian ribbon I’ve ever seen. When my Studio Carta order arrived in the studio, I literally gasped as I opened the box. The colors are so beautiful and the ribbon is perfect and soft. It was exactly what our wall needed. It’s funny because I realized I haven’t bought much purple ribbon over the years. When I put up the ribbon wall I only had one roll! The final result is a dream come true! I cannot wait to experiment with all this ribbon.

Oh Happy Day Ribbon WallOh Happy Day Ribbon WallOh Happy Day Ribbon Wall

This post is sponsored by Studio Carta

Photos by Alison Piepmeyer for Oh Happy Day

Favorite Party Pins: Gems

I’ve been seeing lots of gems on Pinterest this week. They’d be such a fun way to decorate for a party. Here are 10 of my favorite ideas! (PS – Our favorite balloon party pins!)

Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!Favorite Party Pins: Gems | Oh Happy Day!

1. Papercut Gems | 2. Paper Installation | 3. Cake Toppers | 4. Pinatas | 5. Bobby Pins | 6. Cupcake Toppings | 7. Hanging Diamonds | 8. Cookies | 9. Bottle Stoppers | 10. Paper Diamonds

Cactus Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been seeing cactuses everywhere.  I love these little plants because I can actually keep them alive. Here are 7 fun ways to incorporate more cactuses into your life. Which one is your favorite?

Cactus Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1. Desktop Wallpaper | 2. Paper Centerpieces | 3. iPhone Case | 4. Home Decor | 5. Cupcakes | 6. Gardens | 7. On the Wall

Envelope Inspiration

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by beautiful envelopes. It makes me want to send out more snail mail! Wouldn’t these be a fun surprise to find in your mailbox?? (PS – Stamped envelope liners.)

Envelope Inspiration | Oh Happy Day!

1.  Eccentric Envelopes for Non-Calligraphers | 2. Bear Mail Art | 3. Polka Dot Hand Painted Envelopes | 4. Washi Tape Mailbox Treats | 5. Black and White Owl Envelope | 6. Green Painted Envelope | 7. Pink Airmail Package | 8. Confetti Mail | 9. Eclectic Hand Painted Envelopes | 10. Monsieur l’Elefant