A Pool Party

by Casey Baudoin

Beat the heat and throw a pool party!  For adults or kids, everyone will love grilling out, fresh fruit, music, and balloons in the pool!

A Pool Party | Oh Happy Day!

1. radio  2. watermelon  3. garland  4. cups  5. margarita  6. invitation  7. balloons  8. grill  9. chair

Favorite Party Ideas This Week

Favorite Party Ideas This Week | Oh Happy Day!

1. I love the REAL sprinkles on the backs of these invitations.
2. The details at this party are incredible.
3. I want to go to every single one of these dinner parties (photo from here.)
4. Such a rad alternative to party hats.
5. I’m obsessed with these pretty paper wheels!

7 Amazing Kids Cakes

I’m always impressed with the creative cakes that people come up with. Here are a few that I’d like to try – they seem easy enough to tackle myself.

I’m debating whether to eat this one, or hug it.

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

A cake that celebrates doodling!

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

Almost prettier than the real thing.

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

Now I want to throw a space-themed party.

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

So, this is adorable.

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

Loving all the candy accents on this one.

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

So fun!

7 Amazing Kids Cakes | Oh Happy Day!

Planter Wishlist

I need more plants in my life! So I’ve been on the hunt for beautiful planters. Here are a few I’ve been eyeing.

Planter Wishlist | Oh Happy Day!

1. Face Planter | 2. Earthenware Flower Pot | 3. Vintage Plant Stand | 4. Retro Planter | 5. Heart Living Planter | 6. Hex Spora | 7. Ceramic Lady Planter | 8. Cat Planter


Gorman is an Australian brand that makes colorful and fun clothing. (If you follow my instagram then you know I’m a huge Gorman fan, they make all of my favorite dresses.) I was introduced to them last year and my husband jokes I should have a direct deposit to them because that’s where I spend all my money anyway. I love that their stuff is so different and they have great prints and cuts. They recently launched a line of homegoods and it’s so good I can’t believe it. How amazing is that eye plate? The shipping from Australia is totally fast and not too expensive. If you are shopping for clothes make sure you get the right size in Australian sizing (this sizing chart was accurate for me.) They also have amazing sales. I follow them on Facebook and Instagram and get great deals on their dresses.) Have you ever heard of Gorman?



1. Fruit Bowl | 2. Hexagon Pillow | 3. Clove Soap | 4. Eye Platter | 5. Pillowcases | 6. Sheet Set | 7. Jug | 8. Mugs

This post is sponsored by Gorman. One of my favorite companies in the world.