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Inspiration No. 27

Here are a bunch of things that have been inspiring me lately! I’ve mentioned this before, but before I buy anything online now I always check the Chippmunk site for deals. Guys, it is awesome. Not only do they have coupons at a bunch of stores, but they also link to the best sales. This weekend, I was surprised to see that they partner with so many stores I love (like Design Within Reach, Jonathan Adler, Kate Spade Saturday & Zara.) It’s nice knowing that I’ll always get the best deal – even if I don’t have time to go into a store. Have you tried using Chippmunk yet??

Inspiration No. 27 | Oh Happy Day!


A. These shoes are so fun! I want to add them to my closet ASAP. | B. I just got this dustpan. Hopefully it makes cleaning more fun. | C. I’ll probably wear this dress every day this summer. | D. Love this funny little mirror. | E. The color of this pillow is amazing. | F. This little radio is so perfect for the summer. | G. Want this shelf for our guest room. | H. I’m obsessed with eyeballs!

This post is brought to you by Chippmunk: compare deals at the stores you love and see where you save the most!

  1. Stel // STEL STYLE

    April 28, 2014

    I love this list, my favourite think are the shoes, they are so fun and cute!!! 🙂


  2. obat kuat kapsul untuk pria

    April 28, 2014

    nice post

  3. Magda Carvalho

    April 28, 2014

    Love your choices 🙂
    *new follower

  4. robyn

    April 28, 2014

    the earrings actually represent the ancient evil eye : )

  5. Jordan at Wonder Thrills

    April 28, 2014

    The dress is amazing!

  6. Amanda

    April 28, 2014

    I’ve been eyeing that radio – it’s the cutest!

  7. Lee Anne

    April 28, 2014

    Love this entire list! Chippmunk is so amazing for finding deals at the best stores!

  8. Lauren

    April 28, 2014

    I do so love that radio. So retro.

      • jordan
      • April 29, 2014

      Isn’t it awesome?

  9. patricia

    April 28, 2014

    lovely picks, wish i could afford them

  10. Maggie

    April 28, 2014

    I’ve been seeing shelves like that EVERYWHERE. They seem easy enough to DIY, so I’ll have to try it!

  11. Kristin

    April 28, 2014

    What an adorable dust pan.

  12. Yolonda

    April 28, 2014

    The mirror is beyond…love it.

  13. Meinhilde

    April 29, 2014

    I think if I had that adorable dustpan, I would do some sweeping every day!

      • jordan
      • April 29, 2014

      My thoughts exactly!

  14. lORENA

    April 29, 2014

    I like the entire list! pillow dress and mirror are my favorite

    We have similar embroidery – dresses blouses skirts with embroidery. I hope you like it!

  15. Janine

    April 29, 2014

    Modcloth also sells that radio in peach!! So cute!!

  16. Abi

    May 4, 2014

    That is the cutest dustpan I have ever seen, and I love that summer dress so much! xxx

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