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  1. Jordan

    May 20, 2014

    I’m swooning over those heals!

  2. Christina

    May 20, 2014

    Those tumblers are so cute! Love your blog and its concept 🙂

  3. chelsea

    May 20, 2014

    That top is gorgeous!

  4. jane

    May 20, 2014

    Thanks for the tip regarding Cos! Is there a promotion code for the 25% off? I don’t see it on the web site. Thanks again! x

  5. Maggie

    May 20, 2014

    Heels? Comfortable? Yeah, right! Those are super cute, though.

    I’m also loving that watercolor print, it almost looks like cigarettes!

      • jordan
      • May 21, 2014

      I promise they’re comfortable! I’ve been wearing them every day.

  6. Mel

    May 20, 2014


  7. Carpet Cleaners Croydon

    May 21, 2014

    Lovely black and white shirt. So classic and chic. And that black dress is perfect for every special occasion. Really nice selection.

  8. Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

    May 21, 2014

    I love the shirt and the shoes! I must say that I fancy black and white too. They are a classic staple. 🙂

  9. lORENA

    May 21, 2014

    I love COS too, it was my favorite store when I lived in Barcelona. I love the cut of that black dress. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Courtney

    May 21, 2014

    If you find that you ever want to add a little color to your black and white artwork, I’d love to show you my work!

  11. kim

    May 22, 2014

    yes! How do we get the 25% off at COS (my fave from London days 🙂

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