Apr 22

A DIY Woodland Backdrop

by Michaela Egger

A woodland creatures party ideally takes place in the forest – somewhere in a sheltered clearing nestled in a charming woodland area. But not everybody is lucky enough to live near such a place. Or if they do, there’s always the chance of rain. So for a plan B, let’s take the party inside! To create that woodland feeling, you can bring in twigs, branches, moss and plants. And you can create this simple forest paper backdrop made with kraft paper and water color. A great DIY even for smaller children. (PS – Woodland party invitations!)

A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day! A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day!

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Materials: Kraft paper roll, watercolors, large paintbrushes, scissors, blue-tak

Step 1: With a pencil, sketch a large simple tree outline onto kraft paper, then let your kiddos color it with water colors or poster paints.
Step 2: Repeat step 1 creating larger and smaller trees of different kinds. Let dry and cut out.
Step 3: Attach your trees to the wall with blu-tack.
Step 4: If you don’t love the wavy effect water color creates on kraft paper, you can iron the trees before attaching them to the wall (but i personally kind of like this un-even effect).
Step 5: Paint some smaller plants, leaves and other woodsy things you might like onto paper, let dry and cut out.
Step 6: Decorate the bottom of your backdrop with the paper leaves and plants. Done!

A DIY Woodland Backdrop | Oh Happy Day!

Since these paper trees and plants are super-quick to whip up, you could easily decorate your entire party area with these, creating a wonderful little forest inside your home. If you feel ambitious, add some water color woodland animals.


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