Oct 31

Ghost Parade DIY

by Chiara Alberetti Milott

What I’ve learned is that kid’s parties are always better with a project, game or activity planned. What I’ve also learned is that kids love anything on a stick – which I discovered this summer when I tied a balloon to a stick in the park for my boys. They were entertained for quite a long time, while I watched in surprise at how much fun they were having.

I was inspired to make a set of ghosts that we could then bring to a ‘Ghost Party’ in our local park. The ghosts were actually so easy to make, the only thing I had to buy was a bottle of starch from the grocery store, and some wooden dowels from the hardware store – everything else you probably already have around your house.

Click through for full instructions.

Materials needed: white fabric (I used an old sheet that had seen better days), scissors, small balloons, fishing line, 3/8” x 36” wooden dowels, packing tape, a few vases or mason jars to support the ghost while it dries.


Step 1: Cut out fabric circles, approx 2’ x 3’ (or however big you want your ghosts to be).

Step 2: Blow up a balloon and place it on a vase. Saturate the fabric a bowl filled with starch, gently wring it out and lay it over the balloon.

Step 3: Let dry (overnight should do it).

Step 4: Thread a piece of fishing line through the top of the head, tape the ends to the dowel using a 1” piece of packing tape, leaving about 2-feet of fishing line. You can draw a face on with a sharpie, or just leave it blank for extra spookiness.

Step 5: Pass out your ghosts at the party, play some appropriate music (we marched to Michael Jackson’s Thriller) and watch the fun.

The best part of the party was when all the kids spontaneously burst out singing “BBBBBB-OOOO-OOO!” over and over again as they walked around.

Pumpkin muffins and cider were served when the ghost walkers began to tire of their parade. We had so much fun I’m tempted to make it a Halloween tradition. Do any of you have Halloween traditions? Do tell!

BBBBBB-OOOO-OOO! And Happy Halloween!


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