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Shades of White

That silly old fashion rule of wearing white after Labor Day seems to have been broken many times over. Shades of white all year round, I say! Hope you will have an enjoyable and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Shades of White | Oh Happy Day

Ideas for the weekend…

LISTEN: to this album

READ: this poem

WATCH: this inspiring series

MAKE: this ice cream (we made it this week and it was a big hit!)

(Items from top left)

Tea Kettle | Brightland Olive Oil | Shoes | Ship Kite | Circular ToteEarrings | White Shirt | Vases | Magnifique Card | SunniesSmile Socks | Diamond Ice Cubes | PicnicLight | Boy Brow and Lipstick | Bobble Sweater | Ouai Spray

  1. Chelsea

    September 2, 2019

    I LOVE that sweater! And yes to wearing white all year!

    xx Chelsea

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