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Father’s Day Round Up

It’s Father’s Day! Give yer ol’ dad a token of appreciation. We rounded up some design-y things that the guys in our lives whole-heartedly approve of.

1. We had no idea a bbq could be this good looking. Introducing the Cube Grill.
2. I bought these Nike Sneakers for my guy and he gets compliments from strangers. (In my head, I’m totally taking credit.)
3. I love NASA and I love this NASA Hoodie.
4. I’m very into acquiring all the sports things with smiley faces on them, Ping Pong Paddle Set!
5. Every boy scout should have one – Gunmetal Pocketknife.
6. Storage Caddies for all their electrical wires they seem to want to save.
7. For killing spiders and bugs. Need this HAY Fly Swatter.
8. Skate or die dude. Penny Skateboard!
9. A bike that can carry stuff around! 6 Speed Cargo Bike.
10. The best looking First Aid Kit we’ve ever seen.

Father's Day Round Up | Oh Happy Day

  1. Kate

    June 11, 2019

    Thanks is much for all these gift ideas! I need all the help I can get lol.


  2. Jenna Malouf

    June 22, 2019

    lovely ideas!

    Re: the bike – for anyone who wants to be comfortable on a bike, it’s rather poorly designed. I checked the specs and it accomodates men ONLY up to 5’6″…. that’s shorter than the average American male.

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