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DIY Confetti Balloon Chandelier

Today we’re sharing our DIY for this dreamy confetti-filled balloon chandelier — it’s a perfect conversation starter for a dinner party or hung over the bar cart. This project is ideal for the party host with a small home! Just put the chandelier together the morning of your event and pop when done. You can even keep the hoops for your next party (have you seen our take on the polish chandelier?). It’s a fun, whimsical way to add flair to a modern party. Full instruction below!

Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Materials needed: 5” White balloons, 5” confetti balloons, balloon pump, white sewing thread, wire, white crepe paper, scissor, wire cutters

Step 1: Begin to make a big hoop with the wire, go around several times with the wire to make it strong. Make two hoops, one big and one a bit smaller. We made the big hoop about 20” and the small about 14”.

Step 2: When the two hoops are done, wrap them with white crepe paper strips to get a nice finish and get rid of any sharp edges.

Step 3: Start inflating the balloons with a balloon pump! Mix between the white and the confetti balloons.

Step 4: Attach two long strings across the top of the big hoop, connecting in an “x”. Hang the hoop from the “x” until it’s level, then suspend the smaller hoop from the larger hoop using four shorter strings.

Step 5: Starting from the top of the chandelier and moving down, attach balloons with thread, making sure to cover the hoops. To fill the chandelier faster, attach multiple balloons to the same thread, at different lengths. Make the string of the balloons at the bottom a bit longer, so the chandelier gets more of a cone shape.

Step 6: Hang the chandelier over your table — and you’re done!

DIY Confetti Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Balloon Chandelier | Oh Happy Day!

Photography & Styling by Naomi Julia Satake

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  1. Eva

    May 11, 2018

    So cute! And I love that dress so much!

    Eva |

  2. Igor Novikov

    May 13, 2018

    Hold open the mouth of the balloon and add as much confetti as you would like. It works best if you put the confetti in a bit at a time. This will allow it to have more static and stick to the sides of the balloon.

  3. Genia Boyett

    May 17, 2018

    This site is absolutely fabulous!

  4. charlotte

    May 18, 2018

    What a fab idea! Love it.

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