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A Holiday ‘Lucky Dip’

A few years ago, we hosted Christmas for our extended family and I decided to try something a little different for gifts. I created a ‘Lucky Dip’ which is a popular Australian carnival game (commonly used at school fairs) where kids pay for the chance to dip their hand into a large box and draw out a random wrapped gift containing a surprise toy or treat inside. There’s something thrilling about discovering what prize you chose for yourself!

A Holiday 'Lucky Dip' | Oh Happy Day!

I used a large glass punch bowl and filled it with tissue-wrapped novelty gifts – things like bottles of bubbles and candy, each gift about $10 in value. It was a cute idea that contributed to the festive vibe. Everyone got into the playful spirit, including the adults, many were enjoying the trinkets and toys throughout the day- blowing bubbles and firing party poppers etc.

It’s really simple. Choose a suitably sized vessel like a large basket, box or bowl and fill with individually wrapped/boxed novelty prizes. You then go around the room and ask guests to pick one gift. It’s a cost-efficient way to get around holiday gifting- rather than buying expensive, custom gifts you provide a cute and fun experience instead!

A Holiday 'Lucky Dip' | Oh Happy Day!

A Holiday 'Lucky Dip' | Oh Happy Day!

Happy Holidays!

  1. Allegra

    December 14, 2017

    This is such a fun idea! I need to try it out this year!

  2. January

    December 14, 2017

    I love this idea! Such a nice alternative and a great way to do budget-friendly gifts!

  3. Sandy

    December 15, 2017

    It’s a nice idea, but many cheap gifts end up being just that – cheap, one-off things that are used for a short time and then discarded. I’m not saying you should pay more for gifts – the idea itself is great – but I always hesitate to buy trinkets/novelty gifts because of their high discard/short use potential. But with some thought perhaps the gifts could be affordable AND things people would use for some time, AND not unkind to the environment?

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