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It’s been almost three months since I launched the Oh Happy Day party shop! It has been a dream of mine to own a party store for as long as I can remember so this really has been a dream come true! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported the store! We’ve been working hard to have same-day shipping and free shipping over $70 so you can get your party goods super quick.

We have a lot of really great new things in the works that I’m excited to share but first I would love some feedback. If you’ve ever bought anything from the party shop or thought about buying something from the party shop is there an item you wish we sold? Is there something hard-to-find that you wish was all in one spot? If you have a moment and an opinion I’d love for you to share it below in the comments.

Cute Party Supplies from Oh Happy Day Party Shop

  1. Amy

    September 1, 2015

    I bought supplies from you for my daughter’s 2nd watermelon themed birthday party. They were perfect and I got tons of compliments on the decorations. Thank you!

  2. Emily

    September 1, 2015

    I’d love to see drink picks in cute shapes, vintage party picks, and sprinkles for cakes in attractive colors!

  3. Amanda

    September 1, 2015

    Your party supplies are so cute! I’ll be ordering from you for my 2-year-old’s party this winter!

  4. claire

    September 1, 2015

    I have ordered a couple of times from the OHD party shop. The selection is great, and pricing is affordable and competitive. I know you don’t have control over the USPS, and shipping is a vendor task — however, I will say I was a bit disappointed on the shipping time of my last order. It took nearly 10 days to get from San Francisco to Seattle, and arrived too late for the event I needed them for. That being said, I should have planned better. 🙂

  5. Vicki

    September 1, 2015

    I haven’t bought anything yet, simply because I haven’t been able to find a good enough excuse! But I’m in the process of launching a children’s party planning business and I hope to make some purchases soon! I drool over everything in there!!

  6. Sarah

    September 1, 2015

    The shop selection is very inspiring – i love especially the way colors are grouped together – what eye candy! However, I would love to see environmentally friendly packaging for goods. My city (Vancouver, BC) doesn’t recycle all types of plastic, so I avoid plastic as much as I can when I buy. That said, the shop is always looking gorgeous – great job.

  7. Emily

    September 1, 2015

    Hey, it seems like my earlier comment didn’t post? I’d love to see more drink picks in fun shapes and colors, attractive / custom cake sprinkles that match your other merch, and vintage style food picks.

  8. Jane

    September 1, 2015

    I had a lot of fun shopping for party supplies on your site. It was easy to browse and well organized. I purchased items for my sister and was having it mailed to her for her 30th birthday, so I wish there was an option to include a note since it was a gift. I know that is probably rare that people will be ordering items to send as a gift to someone else, but I love the idea of sending a party supplies package to a friend or family member on their birthday if they live in a different state.

      • Angel
      • September 2, 2015

      This is a great idea! I will keep it in mind.

  9. Tali @ Yebbie Life

    September 1, 2015

    I’m new to your site and party shop. I absolutely love your shop! Cannot wait until I have something to celebrate or maybe I’ll pop in for a few pieces for my blog posts. I love your space. 🙂


  10. Sarah

    September 1, 2015

    I bought decorations/supplies for my rehearsal dinner (which was more of a barbecue/picnic– you reposted my photo on instagram with the gold S&R balloons). I had kind of a hard time picking things out that would look coordinated (in the end we went with red/pink/mint). I really liked the tablecloths with the plastic lining underneath but I wish I had gotten clamps or something to secure them (not sure if you sell those) because even duct tape wouldn’t hold them and they were blowing like crazy. But overall very positive experience and everyone loved the decorations! I’m a teacher and I’m reusing the colorful fans in my classroom.

  11. Addie

    September 1, 2015

    I bought several bags of the best confetti ever for my sisters wedding for a confetti toss upon the church exit. It was the best price by far (I did lots of price comparison) and it turned out stunning!! Other items I would like to see are glassine envelopes, and maybe even a variety of pinatas. Another item that would be great are celebration signs with words like “Best day Ever” “Life is Beautiful” “Oh Happy Day” “Celebrate the Everday” “Celebrate Life” etc – to hang for parties, and even in the house full time

      • Bea
      • September 13, 2015

      Yes! I love the sign ideas, I’d love to have one in my room. Maybe an iridescent one, I’m obsessed at the moment.

  12. Danielle

    September 1, 2015

    I guess it’s just me but whenever I try to visit the online store, I still get:

    Oops! Internet Explorer could not find

    Access a cached copy of shop.­ohhappyday.­com

  13. Jenna

    September 1, 2015

    I bought $35 worth of (very lightweight – balloons and paper hats) party supplies, and shipping was $15.50 for USPS priority 2 day. I felt that this was expensive and that there wasn’t even an option for me to select the cheapest/slowest method possible. I was ordering well in advance and would have liked to save some $$ on shipping. I personally don’t feel businesses should be profiting off of shipping costs, I am not saying the party shop is but it would have been nice to see slower methods available.

      • jordan
      • September 1, 2015

      Hi Jenna! Thanks for the feedback. We don’t make a cent from shipping. I’m not sure why your box was $15 (it could have been an error in weight) but all the shipping prices are real time.

  14. Kelli

    September 1, 2015

    I love your blog and LOVE the Party Shop!!! I’m still going ga-ga over the mini party hats and I hope that you get them back in stock. My only other feedback other than I LOVE everything is possibly a way to sort by “newest” items. If it’s there, I apologize for missing, but I like to check in frequently and would like to see the newest goodies! Thanks!

      • Kelli
      • September 1, 2015

      Actually, it’s the teeny-tiny party hats that I’m super duper in love with and I don’t see the option any longer. It would be so great if you could get them back. I love the mini hats, too, but I’ve been sweating the teeny-tiny ones!!!

  15. Lee

    September 1, 2015

    I’d like to see some neat envelopes and/or some ways to buy nice products yet make your own invitations.

    I haven’t bought anything yet because I haven’t had the excuse. When I do buy party supplies, I tend to favor stuff that can be reused.

  16. max

    September 1, 2015

    I ordered some balloons for my birthday party this weekend so I haven’t used them yet, but the selection of giant round balloons is amazing. I wanted all the colors! The package arrived in just one day though I guess that’s not surprising as I also live in SF. However it would be nice to have some sort of estimate for shipping cost and time. I had no idea what that would be until I was actually checking out.

  17. amyb

    September 1, 2015

    Planning an Oscar themed Bat Mitzvah for my daughter in zzz January. Would love to find some cute stuff for that

  18. Mandi

    September 1, 2015

    The supplies in your shop are super cute. If I were getting married now, instead of last year, I would use some of your large-scale party supplies.
    The website seemed to be a big, giant promotion – post after post of stuff you sell in the shop – at first… it seems to have gotten better more recently.

  19. Krissy

    September 1, 2015

    I love the shop and will definitely be using it for my kid’s parties! It would be so amazing to see coordinated party collections, as opposed to just single product shots. I’d be much more likely to purchase a collection of plates, napkins, favors, decor, etc. if someone with your eye for design put it all together for me. It would be helpful to see photos of the collections, or even just styled products.

  20. Miranda

    September 1, 2015

    It’s so great to see you succeeding at one of your dreams. Way to go, Jordan!

    Also, I think it’s fantastic that you genuinely take customer feedback to heart. I petitioned for more flamingo items a couple months ago and you got a flamingo balloon in stock. Yay! That said, I would LOVE to see you team up with Oh Joy to carry her paper products that were in Target last year (cups,plates, and napkins). They would be such a lovely addition to the OHD shop. Also, please please please carry some fun pinatas!

    Finally, all the supplies I’ve ever ordered from the shop have arrived quickly and made my daughter’s first birthday party an absolute hit. The only snag I had was the #1 gold foil balloon had a tear in the back, which I taped and used anyways. Looking forward to seeing what’s new to come.

  21. Keri Blair

    September 1, 2015

    Congrats on your dream coming true. Fabulous products.

  22. Nancy

    September 1, 2015

    Hi there —

    Long time browser, yet to buy. You have such great stuff and I have just one suggestions. I’m not sure how you would accomplish this, exactly, since everyone has different party needs, but I’d love to see some pre-selected kits that would make shopping easier and faster. In other words, rather than going through each individual category and selecting items one by one, being able to browse pre-selected, coordinated packages, maybe mixing and matching a “table top” kit with a “decor kit,” etc.


      • Cicely
      • September 2, 2015

      I second this request!

  23. Karen

    September 1, 2015

    I went to purchase some a the balloon sticks the other day but they were out of stock, ended up including them with my oriental trading comp order that I already had going. Also, would like to see a “view all” option rather than having to keep scrolling back and forth between pages. Thanks.

  24. Katie

    September 1, 2015

    I love your shop! It’s so easy to find what I’m looking for or just to browse. I bought a few honeycomb balls and they were perfect. Simple packing and was delivered quickly.

  25. Corinne

    September 1, 2015

    halloween stuff please!

  26. Terrell

    September 2, 2015

    I’ve been looooving your supplies and your posts on how to use them. I’m a big DIYer and love being able to make some of the items (piñatas) that you have shared on your blog…please keep up DIYs. Then to compliment them with items from you store is just icing on the cake!! Love your amazing style!! 🙂

  27. Kim

    September 2, 2015

    I ordered a selection of items for my mother’s birthday this year and was very happy with the entire experience. I would suggest though selling items in party kits, coordinating balloons, honeycombs, streamers, plates, etc. all in one package. It would very much help me put together nice little parties (when left to my own devices I tend to buy a bunch of unrelated items and end up with a mess). I love the shop and in particular the playfulness of everything, will definitely shop with you again.

  28. Winnie

    September 3, 2015

    Your website looks very cute and very professional. I like how all the products are neatly shown on the page and there’s absolutely no confusion with what to look at and how to find what I need. I would recommend having the option of rearranging the products on the page by lowest price, highest price and alphabetical order. Hope this helps! xx

  29. Lesley

    September 3, 2015

    i simply love that you have put so much time and effort into making sure you can get all the colors you need in one place. This is my biggest gripe with most sites, I have to go to 5 different sites to get all the right colors and sizes of everything I need. I think piñata kits would be amazing, complete with printed DIY instructions, crepe paper, and rope to suspend it. I love the process of creating on my own, but I’m far more likely to attempt projects without having to gather all the materials, find the perfect colors, etc. You could offer crepe paper color options as well.

  30. Samantha

    September 6, 2015

    I love your online shop! Absolutely adorable stuff at reasonable prices. The one and only issue I had was related to shipping. I paid for shipping when placing my order, but when my package arrived (as I was scrambling to get out the door to a meeting), the carrier told me I owed $6 COD. The extra cost was less of an issue than the annoyance after already paying for shipping at checkout and then searching for cash for the carrier! Not sure if that’s something you have any control over, but thought I’d mention it. I LOVED all the stuff I received though. It looked so great at my daighter’s first birthday party.

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