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A Super Fancy Games Night

In my opinion, NOTHING compares to a good Games Night!

  • The guest list: short and sweet.
  • The snacks: cute, bite-sized and fun.
  • The beverages: plentiful. (And in my case, involving some serious caffeine to get the edge on the competition!!)

Some of the most memorable gatherings I’ve either hosted or attended have involved battling it out with close friends and family over a good old-fashioned board game. All in good humour, of course. (Well, kinda…) Of course, being the “details” freak that I am, I do enjoy seeking out more unique pieces for the old games closet. Heres’ some super fancy pieces I’ve found recently…

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

  1. Anne

    July 10, 2015

    That tic-tac-toe set is super chic! It’ll double up as a game and a fancy decor.

  2. Kaitlyn

    July 10, 2015

    These are all so cute! That tic-tac-toe set is so perfect, I wouldn’t imagine actually playing it though.

    – Kaitlyn |

  3. Monique | WritingMonique

    July 11, 2015

    These are so adorable! I love the gold; it really does make it fancy!

  4. Phoebe @ All That Shines

    July 12, 2015

    Now they would really make a game night special! Wow I especially love that gorgeous gold die

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