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DIY Valentine Arrow Game

I love having games and activities at parties, especially ones that last the whole event. This Valentine’s Day, make these miniature arrows. When each guest arrives, give them a small pile of arrow clips to secretly stick onto other guests’ backs. First one to run out wins – but be careful; if you’re caught, the person can get you back!

DIY Valentine Arrow Game | Oh Happy Day! DIY Valentine Arrow Game | Oh Happy Day! DIY Valentine Arrow Game | Oh Happy Day!

Supplies: Card stock, crepe paper, mini clothespins, toothpicks, scissors, white paint, paintbrush, hot glue gun

Step 1: Paint the top side of each mini clothespin (this helps the toothpick stand out a little bit). Let dry.
Step 2: Hot glue the toothpicks onto the clothespins.
Step 3: Cut small triangles out of card stock. For the feathered end of the arrow, cut a small piece of crepe paper, fold in half, cut both ends on an angle, fringe, and unfold.
Step 4: Hot glue the arrow heads and ends onto the toothpicks.
Step 5: Repeat!

DIY Valentine Arrow Game | Oh Happy Day!DIY Valentine Arrow Game | Oh Happy Day!

  1. Rachel

    February 11, 2015

    LOVE these Kathleen!

  2. Noushin

    February 11, 2015


    Blog goals! 😀

  3. Kari

    February 11, 2015

    These are too precious! So wish I had the patience to make these!

  4. Rebekah @ Ritzy Reba

    February 11, 2015


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