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Last Minute Baby Shower

As much as I try to stay on top of things, sometimes I get behind and end up planning events at the last minute. In case you ever find yourself having to plan a baby shower in a rush, here are 9 items that you can easily pick up from local stores. If you’re quick, you could get all the shopping & decorating done in less than 3 hours!

Last Minute Baby Shower | Oh Happy Day!

1. A fun treat. If you’re feeling confident, you can bake a few yummy treats. But, if you’re looking for something quick, most grocery stores have mini bundt cakes available in the bakery section.

2. Favors. Wrap up candy in tissue paper and tie with a ribbon. You can cut the edges to look like petals if you have time…

3. Thank you cards. Buy a pretty pack as a gift for the new mom. When guests arrive, have them write down their name and address on an envelope!

4. Flowers. Use these as a centerpiece. Spring is a great time to raid the flower section of your local grocery store and build your own simple bouquets!

5. Letter balloons. Balloons always add lots of impact, so you don’t have to decorate with much else. Spell out the name of the new baby with giant mylar balloons – available at most party stores (or online here.)

6. Pretty straws. You can find pretty straw options in grocery stores – next to the paper plates and cups. (Photo from here, but you can also get these pink straws here.)

7. Drinks. Mimosas are a great crowd pleaser, especially if you’re hosting a morning brunch. Pick up orange juice, champagne, and ginger ale (a champagne replacement for the expecting mother!) at any grocery store.

8. Napkins. Target has a great selection of paper napkins in every color – to match whatever color scheme you decide to go with!

9. An easy garland. I’m obsessed with this garland DIY that we shared on the blog a few weeks ago. It’s super simple and takes only a few minutes to whip together! All you need are scissors and paper streamers – which you can find almost anywhere (even grocery stores!)

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  1. Cathy @ Fiscally Chic

    April 9, 2014

    Great recommendations! In addition to having guests address envelopes, it’s nice to provide the stamps as well. One less thing for the guest of honor to worry about.

      • jordan
      • April 9, 2014

      Totally! What a great idea.

  2. Maria

    April 9, 2014

    Love that streamer garland, saw it when you posted it a couple weeks ago, and it was perfect for a bday party I was throwing the next day. It was super simple, I made mine in white, so it also looked very elegant draped across my dining room. Plus, everyone was super impressed when I said I made it myself 😉

      • jordan
      • April 9, 2014

      I love hearing that Maria! So glad you tried it!!

  3. maria

    April 9, 2014

    Cuantas cositas a tener en cuenta y cuantas ideas.


  4. Sarah W

    April 9, 2014

    Great picks! I am loving all of the Oh Joy for Target napkins! So pretty!

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