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West Elm Australia Party

West Elm just opened a store in Melbourne so when Go Mighty asked me to throw a party for bloggers there I said ‘YES’! I’m a huge fan of West Elm and I was excited to meet all the Australian bloggers and creatives so it was an honor to get to do this. I have to give a big thank you and shout out to Jaclyn Carlson from Blog Society who coordinated all the details with vendors and made things happen while I was on the other side of the world. When I was designing this party I decided I didn’t want a specific theme but just wanted it to be colorful and have some big fun details. The center of attention was this 6 foot cake, simple on the outside and colorful on the inside. I did a whole write up of the party over on Go Mighty right here. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out! Stay tuned for a DIY of the hanging installation tomorrow!

West Elm Australia PartyAustralia West Elm PartyWest Elm Melbourne Party

This post is sponsored with West Elm and Go Mighty

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day | Last 3 photos by Amy Moss

  1. Chelsea Elizabeth

    October 31, 2013

    Oh my! This looks like so much fun and those buttons are adorable. I LOVE West Elm!

  2. Charity

    October 31, 2013

    I love the simple yet bold statement of the cake so much! Perfect! The installation art is fun. I wish people did more of it.

  3. tara

    October 31, 2013

    I love this! It looks like so much fun! Buttons, nametags and a Post-It photo wall??? I’m so jealous. I think that cake is amazing. What a great idea, they look like perfectly sized slices.

  4. Leith

    October 31, 2013

    For some reason seeing antique typewriters makes me so giddy inside. Thank you for making my day, and happy Halloween! – Leith

  5. Nina

    October 31, 2013

    Love! Fantastic ideas that I think would be great for a children’s party! The 6 foot cake is out of this world. I showed the picture of it from instagram to my 4 year old and he flipped. He’s been talking about it for days. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lisette Wolter-McKinley

    October 31, 2013

    Every party needs a 6′ long rainbow cake. Love it!

  7. Hill

    October 31, 2013

  8. CASIE

    October 31, 2013

    The six-foot cake is genius! I love this idea, how innovative.

  9. Jaclyn Carlson

    November 1, 2013

    So happy to have been a part of it Jordan, thank you! (and yes that cake was incredible!) xx

      • jordan
      • November 3, 2013

      It was so great working with you Jaclyn!

  10. Grace Ann

    November 1, 2013

    I love everything about this post and party. Well done! Love the colors, the CAKE (omg the cake!), and the typewriter poet on site was such a cool idea. When I grow up I want a job like yours! 😀

  11. Bambi

    November 1, 2013

    Beautiful! Have a happy All Saints’ Day!

    Love Bambi

  12. memtree

    November 2, 2013

    Oh it was so fun! And that ombré wall…ah memories! Lol! Hope all’s well back home Jordan and Paul!

  13. Kate

    November 2, 2013

    I want to climb inside this party!

  14. Mikella

    November 4, 2013

    Wow! Such a cool event – I wish I was there. Maybe next time you would do something in Sydney?

  15. jade

    November 6, 2013

    Looks Amazing! Does anyone know which flowers were incorporated- they would make a beautiful bouquet.
    There is Eucalyptus and Warratah- but what are the lighter pink blooms?

  16. Michelle

    November 12, 2013

    Wow that cake looks exactly like the long rainbow cake artist Leah Rosenberg made for 18 Reasons that you posted about in 2010. After reading about all the recent art thievery happenings online I can’t help but point out this one too:

      • jordan
      • November 12, 2013

      Hey Michelle,

      Thanks for your comment. I love Leah Rosenberg’s work (including her giant cake!) it was for sure one of the reference photos I sent the caterer when we were planning our party. I guess it never occurred to me that our party food was artwork? I thought about attributing the concept in the post but I realized there were several rainbow cake references and it didn’t make sense to attribute it to any one person.

      Although Lea’s is probably the most beautiful, I’ve seen several over the years including this one I blogged about even before I’d ever seen Leah’s and this diy here that made the rounds several years ago.

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