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Pot of Gold Pinata DIY & Rainbow Yarn Trail

I remember fantasizing about finding pots of gold and seeing leprechauns when I was a kid but the holiday always felt a little disappointing when I realized all we were doing was pinching the kids not wearing green. This year for St. Patrick’s day we decided to make a Pot of Gold Piñata and fill it with chocolate gold coins. To find the Pot of Gold we had the kids follow a rainbow thread trail around the house. It really added to the excitement of the piñata. (ps: this is a version of last year’s  Yarn Trail Installation, and one we did for Paul’s birthday three years ago.) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Materials: Gold crepe paper, cardboard, scissors, glue, pen, and gold candy coins.

Step 1: Gather two pieces of cardboard of equal size and draw the shape of a cauldron on each.
Step 2: Cut out the shapes.
Step 3: Cut several 4″ wide strips of cardboard to make the sides of the pot.
Step 4: Fold the cardboard incrementally to allow it to bend along the curved bottom of the pot.
Step 5: Glue the folded strips of cardboard to the cauldron shapes to create the walls. Hold in place and allow to dry.
Step 6: Glue the second cauldron shape to the top of the now dry walls.
Step 7: Cut the crepe paper into 3/4″ strips.
Step 8: Cut the fringe out of crepe paper
Step 9: Glue the fringe to the cauldron to turn it into a pot o’ gold. Start at the bottom and work upwards.
Step 10: Pay special attention to the last row of fringe. The secret to a nice looking piñata is all in how you apply the last row of fringe. Glue this row over the edge so that it is on the top and front surfaces.

Photography by  Heather Zweig and Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day
Art Direction by Jordan Ferney
Coordinated by Stacy Wichelhaus
Crafting by Jessica Heywood
Assisted by Harper Casimiro

  1. Caroline

    March 11, 2013

    Hi Jordan!

    This is adorable! Where do you get the gold crepe paper?

      • jordan
      • March 11, 2013

      I got it locally at Flax (an art store) or you can order it here.

  2. Lisette

    March 11, 2013

    What a great find at the end of the rainbow.

  3. Becky Loose From The Zoo

    March 11, 2013

    The rainbow yarn trail is such a cute idea! Thanks for the tip on the gold crepe paper! Love your pinatas so much!


  4. meg

    March 11, 2013

    This is all too cute! Especially the yarn rainbow.

  5. Andrea

    March 11, 2013

    Love that idea! So much fun.

  6. ashley rachelle

    March 11, 2013

    you always have the best ideas! love it all! xo


  7. Kate

    March 11, 2013

    That is such a cute idea. WOW. I really love it! So so fun.

  8. Sarah

    March 12, 2013

    Wow, if the rainbow trail you made wasn’t cool enough, you definitely out did yourself by adding the pot of gold pinata. Genius!

  9. Shelley

    March 12, 2013

    This is really cute! Thanks for posting a link of where to find the gold crepe paper.

  10. lyndsay

    March 14, 2013

    this is so cute it makes me want to throw a st.pattys day party! ^__^

  11. Emily

    March 19, 2013

    Love your ideas Emily… And your name! 😉
    Actually, I went to school with an Emily Neuburger. You’re not from Pratt, Kansas, are you?

  12. Shelley

    March 21, 2013

    Such a great pinata and trail!! Love it! I am actually going to make one of your big number pinatas for my sons birthday and I am trying to decide if I should tape the edges together or glue them like this one. I want them to be able to beat it open.. no one likes it when they cant get it open!

    Thanks so much! Shelley

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