1. maggie

    March 22, 2013

    Oh my goodness those eggs! Love them.

  2. Brigette

    March 22, 2013

    those egg cartons look so fun! and that floral garland is exactly what i want for my wedding (one day)

  3. Becky Loose From The Zoo

    March 22, 2013

    oo the flora and fauna party reminds me of snow white! so sweet!


  4. KAIT

    March 22, 2013

    That bunny fold easter napkin is too cute! And super easy/inexpensive, my favorite kind of project 🙂 Great ideas!

  5. Emily Paben Weddings + Events

    March 22, 2013

    Ok – that Flora & Fauna party just slayed me. Kelli’s work is always amazing and that party offset it perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Theresa

    March 22, 2013

    So inspiring! I love these!


  7. RocknGiu

    March 23, 2013

    I love the Easter egg Terrarium and the Origami party favor boxes 😀

  8. This girl loves to talk

    March 23, 2013

    ha ha I tried the bunny napkin and laughed and felt like those ‘nailed it’ memes. Fail. By my third go I got something that looked like a bunny so I will probably be able to put on the plates for an easter dinner and just hope noone saw the martha version 😉

  9. Paulette Leto

    March 24, 2013

    I really like the bunny fold napkins! Can you do that with paper napkins, or does it only work with cloth napkins?

    Also, the origami treat boxes are very clever! I would really love to try that sometime.

  10. Meg - De quelle planète es-tu?

    March 25, 2013

    I’m drooling over #2.

  11. Misty

    March 26, 2013

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I just completed several of my own egg boxes and they look amazing. So simple and such a cost effective way to create unique Easter favors for this weekend.

  12. Brittni: Paper & Stitch

    March 26, 2013

    That flora and fauna party is beautiful.

  13. raodayaker

    March 27, 2013

    perfect and nice looking .

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