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Happy Weekend

You can start to feel the air turn crisp these days, it feels like Fall. I am flying home for my grandma’s funeral this weekend. She was a really good person and so kind to everyone around her. She used to give me graham crackers and milk as a snack when I would go to her house after school. I will miss her. I’m glad to be around my family for a few days and remember her. I hope you all have a good weekend.

ps: We’ve been moving servers and are still working out the bugs so sorry for the technical difficulties the last few days. If you tried to email me in the last two days, I never received your email. Please resend them!

photo from Paul’s instagram

  1. Heather from Poppy Haus

    October 19, 2012

    Grandma’s always hold a special place in the heart…

  2. Ruth

    October 19, 2012

    So very sorry to hear of the loss of your grandma. As a grandma myself, I know so well of the love between the generations. It’s unique and so heart warming. I hope you are flooded with those sweet memories as you celebrate her life.

  3. Malin

    October 20, 2012

    I´m so sorry for your loss. My grandmother died last year so I know what you´re going through!

  4. Colleen

    October 20, 2012

    I am so sorry about your grandma. Being with family and have good memories is a wonderful way to honor her.

  5. Yelle

    October 20, 2012

    So sorry to hear about your grandmother 🙁
    Hugs from one blogger to another,

  6. {gemmifer}

    October 21, 2012

    I’m so very sorry for your loss. I have wonderful memories of times with my Grandma Tessie and Grandma Mackie; I hope your memories will help you at this sad time.

  7. Sarah

    October 22, 2012

    Sorry to hear about your Grandma, Jordan. Regardless of age and circumstance, loosing someone you love is always difficult.

  8. Julie

    October 23, 2012

    I’m so sorry to hear about your grandma! Best wishes to you and your family.

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