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No More Cell Phone Bill Surprises

Hey Guys! This post is sponsored by Verizon and wasn’t written by me. Thank you for supporting the companies that help us run Oh Happy Day!

These days, I’m guessing most people keep their smartphones and tablets closer by than a pad of paper and pen. I know when I’m struck with a new idea or spot a must-have item, I reach for the phone to record it, especially if I’m out and about or elbows deep in my latest project with the kids. But in its defense, paper (or napkin) and pen is much cheaper than frequent smartphone use … especially when you don’t have a good plan.

For now, the kids are too young to spend their waking hours texting friends with reckless abandon, but unlimited talk, unlimited text, and a pool of shareable data for me and my husband — we get to say how much we need — is a very good thing. These goodies are part of Verizon’s Share Everything Plan, and if you’re worried about surprises on the family phone bill, it’s worth checking out. The other nice thing: you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot to connect any of your Wi-Fi devices — up to 10 of them — at no extra charge.

It’s nice to have a plan that fits your family’s needs instead of the other way around, right? Learn more about prices and options at