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Party to Pretty – A Pie Party

by Emmadime

A Pie Party is the perfect way to swap sweets, recipes, & baking secrets with friends – I would love to learn an old family recipe or the key to the perfect crust! I prefer a warm apple pie with milk -or- blueberry with tea! What about you??

Photo by : Parker Fitzgerald – Featured on : 46th at Grace / 01. Linen Dish Towel / 02. Teak Measuring Spoons / 03. TerraCotta Mug / 04. Rolling Pin / 05. Ruffle Pie Dish / 06. Wheat Straw Hat / 07. White Dress Shirt / 08. Stud Earrings / 09. Mint Flats / 10. Scalloped Shorts

  1. LARY@ Inspiration Nook

    June 11, 2012

    Love this! You guys are awesome! It makes me want to go home and bake 🙂

  2. Tan

    June 11, 2012

    I would love to have a pie party! Oh imagine all the deliciousness

  3. Jee

    June 11, 2012

    Love your picks!

  4. Amy

    June 11, 2012

    The seceret to pie crust is cold ingredients (flour, rolling pin, lard etc.) everything cold and kep it cold until it’s baked! Also, use Tenderflake lard. Recipe on the box has been used by my grandma, my mom and now me. Perfect!

  5. tiffany

    June 11, 2012

    a pie party sounds like a perfect idea! i would love to go or to host one!
    p.s. the mint oxford shoes are just adorable 🙂

  6. Jen

    June 11, 2012

    I have hosted a cookie party before, but never a pie party! Would you make just one kind of pie? Or would everyone bring a pie from home? Can we get a how-to on hosting a pie party? 😉


    June 11, 2012

    Liked the post

  8. Sweet Harvest Moon

    June 12, 2012

    I just love baking! Baking parties are fun!

  9. Dani

    June 12, 2012

    Love your party picks, especially the rollin pin!!! Must have 🙂 And by the way, warm apple pies are simply awesome!!!!

  10. Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

    June 12, 2012

    My mom threw a pie party a couple of months ago and it was so much fun! (And so delicious.)

  11. Lissa (Bellenza)

    June 12, 2012

    Is that the attire FOR the pie party? Really pretty!!!

  12. Evani

    June 13, 2012

    Those stud earrings are SUCH a find. And the things I could do with those teak measuring spoons.. mmmm


  13. Stephanie

    June 18, 2012

    These pie favor boxes would be super fun for your party! I just added them to my shop a few minutes ago…

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