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Save Time in the Kitchen, Enjoy Spring

Hello readers. This is a sponsored post written by someone else. Thanks for being supportive of the sponsors that help me be able to run Oh Happy Day. This post is brought to you by Frigidaire “Test Your Induction I.Q.”. You can find out more and join the conversation on Facebook! -Jordan

Nothing says happiness like getting to enjoy a homemade dinner that can be eaten outside or at the very least, with all of the windows open, on a lovely spring evening. Even better, if that dinner can be made in less time, and with easier cleanup, that’s more minutes to be spent enjoying the great weather. You can do just that using Frigidaire induction appliances, which rely on electromagnets to create heat in metal-based pots or pans,and dramatically reduces cooking time. Pasta water boils in a snap, in case you were wondering!

Helping your kitchen maintain its spring clean shine is a cinch, too, since the cooktops adjust the induction field to the exact size of the pan, so the surrounding area stays cool to the touch. That means you don’t have to let spilled or splattered food get stuck on before you’re able to give the cooktop a quick wipe down.

And while you have Earth Day on the brain, you’ll be glad to know that cooking with induction using less energy – the Frigidaire line is 70 percent more energy efficient than gas and 20 percent more efficient than electric. Even celebrity chef Anne Burrell is a huge fan of Frigidaire induction appliances – checkout why at and enter for a chance to win a Frigidaire Induction Range of your own.

  1. Rita

    May 1, 2012

    sounds verynice, I’m going to check it out!

  2. Morgan

    May 1, 2012

    I live in Europe and can attest that induction heating works so well. I don’t have an induction range (unfortunately) but my mother-in-law does and it cuts the cooking down significantly. I will definitely be getting one when I need a replacement.

  3. Jandee Jones

    May 1, 2012

    I am buying a new (old) house right now and would love to upgrade to something more energy efficient — definitely checking this out.

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