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Happy Weekend

Woohoo! It’s Friday! What are you doing this weekeind? I’ve got a packed weekend. I’m working on very special exciting project that I can’t share for a few months but I’m so excited about it! Also, the Oh Happy Day Contest winner, Beth, is here and I’m taking her around to some of my favorite Paris spots. Pictures to come!

ps: Did you know hay bales in France are round? So much prettier.

p.p.s.: I also write for Here are my posts this week.

All my favorite hard to find office supplies and my secret sources.

I’m obsessed with this camera bag. For sure the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.

TheΒ perfect Tshirt from JCrew.

New adorable wooden toys from my favorite US toy company!

I love this cardigan (it’s only $20!)

Beach Toys! Here are the coolest I’ve seen!

  1. Stefanie Gott-Dinsmore

    August 19, 2011

    the bales in the US are both round and rectangle πŸ™‚

  2. chanel

    August 19, 2011

    back to school supplies for adults, LOVE that. it’s one of the things about school i miss.
    the wooden toys are adorable!
    the round hay bale is some how very beautiful.

    happy weekend!

  3. Megan

    August 19, 2011

    I love your blog and all your wonderful ideas but hay bales in America are also round.

  4. Ktistina

    August 19, 2011

    I’ve never seen hay bales any other way!

  5. Hannah K

    August 19, 2011

    Hay bales are round here in Texas too!

  6. City Life to Ranching Wife

    August 19, 2011

    The hubs is round baling today! We are in the beautiful state of Colorado! πŸ™‚ Happy weekend to you!

  7. Lacey Aukema

    August 19, 2011

    Not just the French use round bailers. Lots of farmers across the U.S. do that. But pretty picture πŸ™‚

  8. aimee @ smilingmama

    August 19, 2011

    They’re round in Pennsylvania, too πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear about the project!

  9. Faith

    August 19, 2011

    Hay bails in Lexington, Kentucky are round too! The only kind I’ve ever seen. There is a field of them right across from my house. They are beautiful, but cause my allergies to be out of control.

  10. Katie

    August 19, 2011

    Love that picture! A very happy weekend to you : )

  11. Jacqueline

    August 19, 2011

    They’re round here in Michigan too, but that picture is beautiful!

  12. Rebecca

    August 19, 2011

    Haha…I join the rest in saying that growing up in Iowa I’ve seen many more round bales than square!

  13. Danielle

    August 19, 2011

    In Wisconsin too, just to join the party! πŸ™‚

  14. Jamie

    August 19, 2011

    I didn’t know that hay bales came in any other shape than round! Love the picture, it makes me want to go back to the bluegrass for the weekend.

  15. rebekka

    August 19, 2011

    Well, if it makes you feel any better…I thought hay bales were all square too! I haven’t had much farm experience πŸ™‚

  16. Kristi

    August 19, 2011

    Wait….haybales come in another shape besides round? I’ve only see round ones in the south!

  17. Meagan N.

    August 19, 2011

    I’m in Utah and see see a lot of round bales as well as square. From my experience (grew up with horses and a few other “farm” animals), smaller (rectangular) bales are often used for the smaller feed jobs… like a few horses or a couple cows. BIG bales (like the big round bales, although there are also large rectangular bales) are for bigger feed operations like ranches, farms… or any place where the animals would eat that amount quickly. Once the twine is broken the hay loses it’s shape and makes a mess so you want a size that is appropriate for your feed job.
    Also, there are machines that mount to the back of a truck and unroll the large, round bales and drop it into a pasture as you drive to provide a nice, long feed area for the animals (like a roll of toilet paper). Easier on a round bale than square, lol. I know there are other reasons for different shapes and sizes, but that’s a little info from the *little* experience I have.

  18. Meagan N.

    August 19, 2011

    Forgot to add that the large round bales don’t lend themselves to stacking as easily as large rectangular bales. The size and shape are both considered when deciding whether to use a machine that produces round/rectangular or large/small bales.

  19. Kjelti

    August 19, 2011

    Hi could I ask, what font do you use for your photographs? Lovely shots, I must add. Always a joy seeing these posts come up on my RSS feed.

  20. McKenzie

    August 19, 2011

    Hay bales in the united states are round too…at least in Utah and Oklahoma.

  21. Kirra S

    August 19, 2011

    Excited for your new project. I love your projects.

    I also haven’t seen any hay barrels that AREN’T round.
    That’s how they do it in Texas anyway.

  22. Beth Allen

    August 19, 2011

    I wish I was the Beth that won!! But It is just nice to be able to follow your adventures via the internet! Can’t wait to hear about your new project. I always want to be apart of your creativity. πŸ™‚

  23. Ashlea Walter

    August 19, 2011

    So funny that the shape of hay bales creates such discussion… Hay bales are round in our neck of the woods too – love it! BUT the kind I don’t see around here are the beautiful mounded ones like in Monet’s paintings. Now THOSE I’d like to see pictures of!

  24. Jenni

    August 19, 2011

    they’re round in oklahoma! πŸ™‚

  25. Trina McFadyen

    August 19, 2011

    Round in Canada!

  26. Attiser

    August 19, 2011

    Love those bales… have a great weekend!!

  27. Sweet Pea

    August 19, 2011

    I love your blog!
    I feel like I need to do whatever I can to encourage bloggers to raise attention to Somalia. Over 3 million people are expected to die in the next weeks if they don’t start receiving aid. I know that it’s not topical to your blog but I suspect you have a large following and you could help greatly by having a link to the Red Cross or UN or whatever organization you prefer. Just a suggestion… have a great weekend!
    Just a Silhouette

  28. penny

    August 20, 2011

    hay bales are round in texas, as well. next time i see one, i’m going to imagine it in france and it’ll make it much prettier!

  29. Sophie Grace

    August 20, 2011

    hay bales round here in oregon too, darlin’. πŸ™‚

  30. Melissah

    August 20, 2011

    I’ve just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I’m just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty. and for everything chic and coastal

    I had a lot of fun putting them together maybe you would like to check them out if you have a spare minute.

  31. Bonnie

    August 21, 2011

    Hay bales are all round in the UK too- we used to roll them round fields as kids. The farmers did not love us!

  32. Di

    August 21, 2011

    Lovely straw bales! We have them round too and as children we called them sausage rolls!

  33. Bianca

    August 21, 2011

    Round in Oklahoma too πŸ˜‰ I grew up with a round bale of hay at the front of our long gravel road. Each season dad paints it with a pumpkin or a wreath or for Valentine’s Day “I love my girls.”

  34. Nicole

    August 21, 2011

    I took pictures of round hay bales a few weeks ago, while on a bike ride! They’re my favorite. I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I’ve been packing visiting friends, parce que je vais installer a Rouen ce vendredi! J’attends avec impatience!!


  35. Caty

    August 21, 2011

    We have round haybales here in the Midwest (Missouri)…

    It’s no Paris, though. πŸ™‚

  36. Summer

    August 22, 2011

    Haha, not to beat the dead horse here, but I seriously had to google what other shape hay bales would be in if they weren’t round! In Paris (Texas), they’re also round, however, upon seeing the rectangular ones, I do remember sitting on some of those in barns, hahahaha!

  37. theallamenta

    August 22, 2011

    Your blog is so inspiring! I love it so much even if I’m not getting married, yet πŸ™‚

  38. Jennifer O.

    August 22, 2011

    Just had to say, I’ve never seen a haybale that wasn’t round. And I’m from the Southern U.S.

  39. rooth

    August 22, 2011

    Target really has some delightfully cheap basics – I for one love their shorts. Perfect fit!

  40. ria

    August 24, 2011

    hahah it looks like everyone has already chimed in, but I was going to say that hay bales in Texas are also round! πŸ™‚

  41. kristina@beancakes β˜…

    August 30, 2011

    yes!! i thought i was the only one in the world that noticed this! i’m obsessed with round hay bales!!
    xo ~ kristina

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