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Outstanding in the Field

Outstanding in the Field is an organization that does large scale dinners in beautiful outdoor locations. (Basically a huge version of my pop-up dinner parties.) The tickets are now on sale (although some cities are sold out.) There is always a reason I can’t go. This year its because we are in Paris, fingers crossed that next year is the year. If you can swing the money for the tickets, go buy them before they sell out. (Thanks for the tip Anh Minh.)

photos from Outstanding in the Field


    March 25, 2011

    Incredible! Those photos made me gasp. What a beautiful concept. Maybe they'll have the next one in Paris while you're there…

  2. Andrea @ strawberry-chic

    March 25, 2011

    Wow, what a dramatic look! I would love to go to one of those dinner parties…I may have to start saving now so I can go next year though 🙁

  3. Carrie Rosalind

    March 25, 2011

    Oh wow – those are beautiful! I'm headed to their site now to see if they are coming to my town!

  4. k.

    March 25, 2011

    they are hosting one in sarthe, france this year – just as a heads up. i just got tickets for the kintnersville, pa dinner as a surprise for my husband for our first wedding anniversary

  5. Anonymous

    March 25, 2011

    they do france.

    no excuses

    (unless it's money. these things aren't cheap)

  6. Holly

    March 25, 2011

    this might be a silly question, but are you expected to tip at these things?

  7. Kate F.

    March 25, 2011

    They're doing on near Le Mans in September: You should go for it! I was hoping we could go to one to celebrate our anniversary this year, but I missed the boat and they're sold out for that weekend. Sigh. One day.

  8. Funnelcloud Rachel

    March 25, 2011

    I've always wanted to go to Outstanding in the Field – maybe this is the year to splurge. There's a date in France in September, by the way!

  9. Gioconda

    March 25, 2011

    They did our school fundraiser last year. The school wide theme was going green. This was the perfect way to showcase the local ingredients in our area. You can check out my blog for the post. I would definitely do this again.

  10. elissa, ebb & flow

    March 25, 2011

    these are so fabulous. i hope to make it to the chicago one. a bit pricey, but so worth it.

  11. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

    March 26, 2011

    Breathtaking set-ups!

  12. patience

    March 26, 2011

    huzzah!! i love it! incredible!!!

    jordan i checked out your pop up party as well – LOVE that idea and will blog it soon!

  13. Maryellen

    March 26, 2011

    We're so excited to be going to the one in Austin, TX (our first time)!

  14. Bekah:

    March 26, 2011


  15. widdowson, Gayle

    June 8, 2011

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    Thank you, look forward to hearing from you!

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