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Art Opening

I’m not sure where the week went, I can’t believe it is Friday already. Paul has a one-man show at a gallery here in San Francisco that opened this week. It turned out really beautiful and I’m so proud of him. The opening reception is Sunday from 2pm-6pm. Stop by if you are in the area, the show will be up for the next month. If you can’t make it you can see most of his show online right here. The picture below is of Paul getting ready for the show in his studio.

STUDIO Gallery

1815 Polk Street
(between Washington and Jackson)
San Francisco, CA 94109

p.s. I have lots of good posts ready for next week, including some of my newly decorated living room.

  1. Lillian Chang

    January 30, 2010

    Awww, I wish I could make it!! His works look really beautiful and I love art galleries!!

  2. leah

    January 30, 2010

    wow, just from that photo they look amazing.

    (and i love the yellow doors)

  3. Anonymous

    January 30, 2010

    perfect show for experiencing the beautiful landscapes of the west coast… soooo atmospheric and moody and masterful.
    i love it paul!

  4. Nicole Lanteri

    January 31, 2010

    Can't wait to see the new living room!

  5. {Galvin Family}

    February 1, 2010

    Great work! Would love to see these pieces in person. Liz is always commenting how great Paul's work is when she sees it on your blog.

  6. Lula

    February 1, 2010

    wow!! I wanna work in an art gallery!! But I am in the OC

  7. Abbigail

    February 2, 2010

    Nice work Paul!!!!! The pieces for the show look so good. It makes me want more of your work. Glad things are going so well for you. Keep me posted!

  8. potenta

    February 27, 2010

    many things, but still quite organized 😀

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