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Alt Design Conference

I’ve been to several blogging conferences and while they all were excellent events I always felt a little out of place since design and lifestyle blogs received very little attention. But design blogs, photography blogs, food blogs, etc are pretty much the only blogs I read. I wished several times aloud that someone would put on a design conference for bloggers. Well, hooray-hooray, it is finally here.

Alt Design Conference will be taking place in Salt Lake City next month. January 21-23, 2010. The lineup of speakers is already stellar (almost all of my blogging heroes will be there.) They will be discussing things like design, monetizing, and ethics. Besides the fact the conference has a partnership with Sundance and some ski resorts so afterward everyone can go put on their cute snow hats and go check out the Film Festival or ski. Unfortunately, I will be a bazillion months pregnant so I will not be going 🙁 But I am heartbroken I won’t be there.

Get your tickets here. They are offering a $50 off promo through the end of December and they are going quickly. Tickets will most definitely sell out soon so get yours soon.

  1. Kathleen Frances

    December 21, 2009

    Alas, even if I could afford to go this is scheduled on my due date. So I guess it's really out of the question:( I would love to see one on the east coast! NY or Wash. I'd definitely go to one of those! Please keep us updated if you hear of any design blog conferences near there:)

  2. Joanna Goddard

    December 22, 2009

    SO great!!! i so wish i could have come!!!!

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