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  1. Jessica

    March 5, 2009

    I am extremely smitten with these head pieces they are stunning.

  2. The Cherry Blog

    March 5, 2009

    I love all of these – xx

  3. MsAmanda

    March 5, 2009

    I saw similiar and cheaper ones last Nov. at the forever 21 jewelry shop For Love 21. So darn cute!

  4. Katie

    March 5, 2009

    Oooh, I’m loving that gray one!

  5. Enchanted Royals

    March 5, 2009

    Oh boy, I can feel my long-dormant headband fetish coming back with a vengeance. These are beautiful. Might be fun to try to make your own….

  6. Diana

    March 5, 2009

    I can never get enough of Anthropologie.

  7. Maggie May

    March 5, 2009

    i want the blue one

  8. Annabanana

    March 5, 2009

    how pretty… i really need more accessories

  9. Miriam

    March 5, 2009

    The top left one looks like a ball of flesh-colored tights to me. But the others are smashing.

  10. Jennifer

    March 5, 2009

    I tried on most of those and even sprung for a few and am trying to make some of my own. I also made one for my daughter after seeing one of your sisters posts. I would put the link but I am not sure if that is cool. 🙂

  11. Joanna Goddard

    March 5, 2009

    you’re a rainbow girl these days, jordan! 🙂 joannaxo

  12. {michelle}

    March 5, 2009

    I LOVE these!

  13. Bethany

    March 5, 2009

    OH Jordan — these are some of my favorites. I have made my own actually…by using some flower pins and headbands. I literally have to stop myself from wearing them everday. Thank you for your inspiration. I use you sometimes in my blog – Visit me sometime!

  14. dogearedit

    March 5, 2009

    i’m keeping my eye on those!

  15. sarasophia

    March 5, 2009


  16. joolee

    March 6, 2009

    this is exactly what i was wanting to post on my blog today! aren’t these headbands fantastic???!!! my latest stop at anthro I was trying them all on…

  17. Farmer Jo

    March 19, 2009

    I fell in love with these but could bring myself to spent the money, so I went and bought $.25 worth of felt and made a fabulous heather gray flower for my hair. (Although it is currently on my hat!)

  18. Stickers and Donuts

    September 7, 2010

    As much as I like Anthropologie headbands, I can never justify buying them. They're not well made, and I always feel like I could either make them myself, or make them better.

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