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Sponsor: Film is Not Dead

I am so happy to introduce my first Oh Happy Day sponsor: Film is Not Dead, a Workshop by Jonathan Canlas. As of this week there are still two spots open in the workshop. {There is also a big sale on plane tickets to Hawaii this week, how convenient!} Jonathan is an award winning and well known photographer who strictly shoots on film. The best part about it is he is so open about everything, in his own words: “there are no trade secrets.” My friend attended last year and said it was “life changing.” To me this is the perfect vacation, learning something new combined with lounging on the beach sipping fruity drinks. Paul and I are going to be there and I am so excited.

Only two spots left! Sign up quick. For more information about the workshop go to the site here or the blog here. Aloha!!!!

  1. Amy

    September 19, 2008

    Jonathan shot some of our wedding pictures after our ceremony, but I also hired another more amateur photographer to capture several candid shots and to shoot our luncheon, reception, etc. I remember they were kindof piggybacking eachother at one point (I worried he’d get mad) and he had us lined up for a shot and he got this really unique angle. Then he turned to the other photographer and said, “You want to try this shot out? It’s really cool.” And let her capture the same image! I thought that was so generous and kind of him to do.

  2. Babbi's World

    September 19, 2008

    how much is the fare?? and where is this sale?

  3. C.

    September 22, 2008

    This workshop sounds fantastic! I’d love to attend something like this. Next year, perhaps? – Have fun!

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