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  1. Lauren

    September 2, 2008

    I once used a system like that at work, and it’s fantastic. It would be even cooler with pretty things. Wouldn’t it make a cool wall calendar (with some smaller clipboards)?

  2. Tami

    September 2, 2008

    Lauren, I love that wall calendar idea. Now…what wall can I put that on? 🙂

  3. Mama Bj

    September 2, 2008

    Just what I need! A little inspiration to move me along. I have little problem coming up with project ideas. Keeping track of them is another story. This might help.

  4. cw

    September 2, 2008

    I love that too. Thanks!

  5. Kate

    September 2, 2008

    That’s a great idea. I’m currently trying to come up with an idea to organize myself and my projects in front of the computer. The only issue is that it’s in my living room, so I need something that “fits” in with the rest of decor in there. I was thinking about making a homosote (sp?) bulletin board and use some great fabric, but all the fabric I love is very too expensive to stick push pins in! This might be the ticket.

    Lauren~ I love the calendar idea. Very cute.

  6. Michelle Parks McCourt

    September 2, 2008

    I have something like this for projects but not nearly as lovely looking. Very nice idea!

  7. Casey

    September 2, 2008

    oh yes, I saw this too, and was thinking about doing it.

  8. nicole

    September 2, 2008

    just pulled that page out of my living. its PERFECT and so simple!

  9. S.HOPtalk

    September 2, 2008

    I love this…absolute perfection!

  10. Alyssa Coberly

    September 2, 2008

    wahoo! I have this same system up on the back of the door in our office … for my etsy orders – – I tried to make them fabulous with patterned paper but it was a chore to try and figure out how to get around the clip part! I ended up just doing the bottom half of the boards

  11. Angie Monson

    September 2, 2008

    how stinkin cute is that!

  12. michelle

    September 2, 2008

    I LIKE that. Simple and effective.

  13. Kate Lewis

    September 2, 2008

    Don’t you love Martha!

  14. amber

    September 2, 2008

    i saw this and am considering it for my home office.

    where would you find the paper?

  15. Natasha Becoming Something

    September 3, 2008

    I love that. I have a whole art room, brand new, that I get to decorate. I will totally do that!

  16. Fifi Flowers

    September 3, 2008

    FUN clipboards!
    So nice of you to help Nie Nie!
    What a wonderful place blogland is to pull together and help.

  17. nicole hill

    September 4, 2008

    oooh i loved this too!

  18. love.boxes

    September 4, 2008

    Love this idea.

  19. Jen

    September 5, 2008

    I just did this in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago! I’m using one clipboard for each member of my family for all those random papers we have lying on the fridge or back door so we don’t forget.

    I had a ton of extra scrapbook paper that I haven’t used since switching to digital. What’s great about using the scrapbook paper is it’s all pre-coordinated if you just use a paper packet. Only downside, the modgepodge made it wrinkle a little. Still totally cute, just not so useful for writing on later. And I got my clip boards from Walmart on their big school sale — whole thing cost me about $5. Sweet!

  20. nosheen

    September 5, 2008

    what a great idea!!!

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