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So last month I was feeling drained and uninspired so I asked for some inspiration. And you gave it to me! I read most of the links that week but just finished the last 20 or so last night. All I can say is I am so happy and amazed and inspired! I will definitely doing this again when I’m feeling blah. Here are all the links, I believe I got everyone. I’m sorry if I somehow missed you, there were a lot of comments to go through. I linked the source if blogger let me access it. These links are a goldmine of inspiration. Enjoy!

Lauren loves the KWerner Design Blog.
Quaint Handmade loved Walle and the video “Shine On” by the Kooks. {I haven’t seen Walle yet but I LOVED that video.}
V and Co. just made this amazing quilt.
chiara gets inspired in the kitchen at smitten kitchen. Bookmarked this!
LYNDA is inspired by Alicia Bock’s amazing and super affordable artwork
pixies sticks is in love with One Lucky Helen. This illustrator’s site is so great.
Mass351 says to check out the Avett Brothers and I’m listening to them right this second–love them
Emily is thinking about Horse Ribbons.
Brooke calls the new She and Him album “utterly amazing”. Agreed. She also loves Louella Press and Inspired Goodness.
Stephanie is inspired by the Merry-go Round that saves lives. She also likes this necklace.
Babbi’s World is thinking about bathing buckets and Giggle. I love Giggle.
giddygoat is trying to figure out how to make her great grandmother’s doughnuts.
Laura L is inspire by Matt’s travels on youtube. Specifically the dancing ladies in India at 2:34.
Nikki loves her sister-in-laws blogs here and here.
jae loves lmnop an online kid mag. I loved this.
Check out Erin’s awesome photos from her Brownie days.
katek was inspired by this great photo from Haus Maus. She even tried a shelf in her own house. It looks great!
Christy likes this thank you note writing service.
Maren loves My Marrakesh {I agree, always inspiring.}
kaili is inspired by this Ikea sideboard and Abbey’s gorgeous house tour.
Sarah loves HulaSeventy and SugarPie Express and Pia Jane Bijkerk. All bookmark-worthy.
looks through this flickr stream for inspiration. I have to agree, this is excellent.
M-Ware is still thinking about Black Eiffel’s amazing fridge post.
Seth loves these little cars. Oh my gosh, I totally want that last one.
Jacqueline loves these necklaces. They are very cool–are they made out of stamps?
idid finds inspirartion in sculpture gardens, here and here. I have to agree, I want to picnic in one of those places.
Becky has been using her ultrasound picture to inspire her to get through her pregnancy.
Vacation photos make Wendy happy.
Amanda is doing some old school games at her birthday party.
Jora loves Tea and Cookies, a blog by a food writer, this post in particular will make you want to fall in love and eat polenta.
This super darling photo of Emily and her husband makes her happy.
Rissa loves the store Oleana she went to in Stockholm.
Emily spent two hours looking at Always Mod. It has everything Marimekko.
Makeup Designs looks at childhood photos to trigger memories, that is a good idea.
Janaan wants to throw a party around these candles.
CityMama1 loves this sky umbrella. {I’ve wanted that umbrella for years!!}
Michelle is inspired by an airbrushed scene painted on a car.
Anali looks to the sky for inspiration.
Running inspires Lucashell {me too–I don’t like running with music either}
Music Inspires Jessica.
Mamabj just started a blog and wants to know about photography. {you are asking the wrong person} 🙂 I just hand the camera to Paul.
Mattbites A beautiful food photography blog–I added it to my blog reader. Thanks Megan.
A very cool letterpress poster of the SLC temple. via Anna
Chiasso and Gizmodo thank you Marilyn
Alison Stine just finished a book (wow!) She finds her inspiration here.
Hungarian Illustrator who draws the cutest little people ever. From Kispipi
Anairam suggests buying a red balloon and tying it to my wrist for inspiration.
Under the Open Sky photos. thanks Dalene
Robot Parade This is SO cool those costumes are amazing. thank you Melancholy Smile
Public Scavenger Hunt Thanks Joanna–I was just saying this very morning how I wanted to throw a treasure hunt party with clues etc. This is great.
Chris started her own blog. Congrats on the wedding!
Pretty photos by Madison Avenue Photography from Winn Family
Maryam in Marrakesh I loooved this. Makes me want to up and move to Marrakesh. From the darling Jihan
Lord Whimsy dresses like a dapper gentleman and takes pictures of lovely gardens. from Inez
Amazing ballet–this one made me tear up, really it did. It is that beautiful. Also, Alessandra looks like my friend Fergi. Thank you suzanjill.
Flour Clothing {seriously, seriously cute clothing} thanks Meg
Beautiful Fall Wedding Board and
The Slanket {it looks silly but Nicole swears by it}
Jordan Klarik {listen to “To Have a Record of”} thanks Julie

  1. Jamie

    August 25, 2008

    THANK YOU!!! I’m sure all spend hours checking out all the links. What a great idea.

  2. TheWinnFamily

    August 25, 2008

    Thanks Jordan, SO cool!

  3. dsharp

    August 25, 2008

    This is great, I will have to check these links out when I have some time.

  4. tawnya

    August 25, 2008

    Ah! The picture I linked to in your original post is gone. So sad!

    It's this:

    In case it goes away again, I blogged about it here:

  5. Rob Laliberte

    August 25, 2008

    Wow. That might take a week to go through. Very neat. thanks for sharing those, from others. 🙂

  6. amy

    August 25, 2008

    holy cow girl. you’ve been workin.

  7. bex

    August 26, 2008

    i am so sad that the temple letterpress print is sold out.

  8. quaint handmade

    August 26, 2008

    thank you for assembling all of those fantastic links! it’s such a nice thing to do.

  9. Broke-ass Bride

    August 27, 2008

    Wow – like a library of goodness! Thank you for your delightful corner of the internets. Love reading your blog every day!
    xo Broke-ass Bride

  10. Chris

    September 4, 2008

    How very cool and flattering!!! It’s like being mentioned on the news or something. Thanks for the shout out, and thanks for having such an awesome and inspiring blog 🙂

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