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  1. Joanna Goddard

    June 16, 2008

    pretty photos! tartine is lovely!


    June 16, 2008

    Tartine is one of my favorite SF haunts. The crowd there is as diverse as their menu. I love their broccoli pesto sandwich as well as their Frangipane tart. Next time I am there, I’m trying the brioche bread pudding 🙂

  3. Yara

    June 16, 2008

    This eclair sounds so yummy…oh how i miss those!!!

  4. jora

    June 16, 2008

    Those photos are gorgeous. And I just adore Tartine…..

  5. onesilentwinter

    June 16, 2008

    What great photographs-such color and it all looks delicious!

  6. Stephanie

    June 16, 2008

    Decisions, decisions.

    I love both those places, but for different reasons. I hope you stopped by Bi-Rite for a grapefruit popsicle!

  7. Fiore fresco

    June 17, 2008

    My husband always brings (freezes overnight, then hand-carries on the plane) me a full size lime-passion fruit Bavarian cake every time he’s in SF. It’s the best travel gift ever. I’m so envious that you can pop on over to Tartine any time!

  8. Jessica

    June 17, 2008

    Love these photos….

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