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  1. technicolorsarah

    May 30, 2008

    Oh, cute! I love both colors! If I bought one, i think I’d go with the green, just because I don’t have any shoes that color.

  2. happyathome

    May 30, 2008

    I always seem to buy the shoes before the dress. These shoes would be another case point! Very very cute!

  3. kim

    May 30, 2008

    love that big bow!

  4. zeghsy

    May 30, 2008

    super cute! get ’em. in both colors.

  5. Katie

    May 30, 2008

    Oh, these are pretty!

  6. Lorajean

    May 30, 2008

    I am in love with this shoe! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. love.boxes

    May 30, 2008


  8. Evany Thomas

    May 30, 2008

    Poetic License indeed…to fall asleep in the shade after a giant picnic! To play three solid rounds of croquet! To eat melty ice cream sandwiches! Etcetera!

  9. amber

    May 30, 2008

    Yum! I like the brown way more; the brown is actually two-tone.

    I don’t need these, I don’t need these, I don’t need these.

  10. sweet80pea

    May 30, 2008

    Oh you have just introduced me to my new favorite shoe line. I must have these shoes!

  11. Inez

    May 31, 2008

    I am always mildly surprised, once I purchase then, at how *wearable* toe-bow shoes are. These are darling. 🙂

  12. michelle {lovely.little.things}

    May 31, 2008

    These are darling!! Love them.

  13. maplesugardesserts

    June 1, 2008

    Good GRACIOUS I would like to own those too!


  14. meg

    June 1, 2008

    I can imagine a bride wearing them at a country club-style wedding. Really cute!

  15. cindy

    June 18, 2008

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