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Our friends Emily and Andy have a tradition of buying the “Board Game of the Year” every year. For 2007 it was Zooloretto. They had us over to play it, it was really fun.

I’ll be posting a little next week. Paul is still on paternity leave {best invention ever} so we’re trying to take advantage of it. Happy weekend.

  1. love.boxes

    January 5, 2008

    Sounds fun!

  2. Sara

    January 6, 2008

    Sounds like a neat tradition to get the game of the year each year.

    Also, since your blog always has great design ideas I wanted to let you know that I just posted pictures of Ella’s new nursery on my blog. See if you like my work!

  3. SusanLX

    January 6, 2008

    I apologize in advance, I didn’t find anywhere on your blog how to email you directly. I was curious about your blog: I was wondering what the dimensions of your suitcase was because I’m looking into buying one from ebay as well, but the ones I found were rather small. If you could reply back that would be great! Thanks.

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