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Sailing the Greek Isles

My sister‘s friends go every year and charter a boat and skipper and sail the Greek Isles. It is only 3,250 Euros a week. You get four large cabins for sleeping, and you can even hire a hostess to cook. When you divide that up with four couples it is super reasonable. A hotel for 7 nights would more expensive. The best part is you see a bunch of different islands but you never have to move your luggage.

  1. R-Eight

    January 9, 2008

    One year they chartered two boats and had a family reunion. Sweet!

  2. Dawn

    January 9, 2008

    You made sailing seem so affordable 🙂 Love your blog and your new baby is so sweet.

  3. mari

    January 9, 2008

    Three years ago, my husband and I with 6 other friends chartered a boat through Blues Breaker. We had such a fantastic time! The small islands and towns that you see are so charming, the food in each place was wonderful, and our captain was great. He was happy to teach us as much or as little about sailing as we wanted to know. It was so relaxing and beautiful, we would do it again in a heartbeat.

  4. Kristi

    January 9, 2008

    This is a great idea! We visited the Greek Isles last spring and they were amazing. Jordan, you have the cutest baby – I used to put my daughters in those little pilot caps! Please post more pictures!

  5. liz s

    January 9, 2008

    let’s do it

  6. Anonymous

    January 9, 2008

    Don’t forget the dollar/euro exchange rate!! Just got back from holiday in Europe and the conversions are killing me….

  7. Anonymous

    January 15, 2008

    thanks jordan! i get sick of seeing yachts on the fabulous life of…
    and knowing i don’t have a cazillion-bajillion dollars to sail. this is gonna be great!

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