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    January 28, 2008

    Looks delicious!

  2. Joanna Goddard

    January 28, 2008

    whata fun idea!

  3. erica

    January 28, 2008

    oh yum, those cookies look so delicious. cookie decorating parties are always a good idea.

  4. atlmom

    January 28, 2008

    Hi Jordan. I have been a lurker on your blog for some time now. It is by far my favorite! I just had to comment on how you seem to have adjusted to motherhood so well. I am blown away by how you seem to have kept up your normal creative, busy life even with a new addition. You are an inspiration1

  5. love.boxes

    January 28, 2008

    those are so cheeful looking. 🙂

  6. lilcis

    January 28, 2008

    Yummy! What kind of icing did you use?

  7. michelle

    January 28, 2008

    A cookie sounds really good right now. If you have an extras bring them to Analecia’s tomorrow.

  8. Kati

    January 30, 2008

    yum! nonpareils make cookies and cupcakes look extra appetizing.

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