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  1. love.boxes

    December 31, 2007

    I like the spotty one!

  2. amber

    December 31, 2007

    so funny you should post about chairs, my husband and I spent the entire day chair shopping yesterday. We finally decided on this one (and it had to be leather for the clean aspect – with the 4 eyar old and all her friends, the leather is great!, everything just wipes right off).

  3. Anonymous

    December 31, 2007

    i have never posted before, but i love your blog! i am so happy about your new little family, but i must say i am happy you are still posting about design. so many new mommy’s focus on their new little one and i think sometimes they loose themselves. speaking from a mother. i don’t want to start a ‘blog fight’ because moses is so cute. i am sure we would love to see more of him, but i hope you do not turn this into another mother blog! again congrats on the new family. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    December 31, 2007

    one more thing: this is your blog so of course if you do start to blog more about moses and post is cutie pictures that is totally super. it is your blog after all. 🙂 i just wanted to say i was happy you are still posting about what made you light up before moses. though i am sure nothing will light you up as much as your new little guy does….i hope this does not get taken the wrong way!

  5. ShleeA

    February 4, 2008

    Hi Jordyn, You might not rember me but I remember you. It has been a long time since those Girl State days!!:) I found your blog off of Ashlyns blog (we worked together at the mortuary). Congrats on your cute little baby boy. He is darling. I love to read your blog. It sounds like things are going great for you. Anyway Take Care!

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