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Spotted Cat Cardigan

So yeah, this sweater is $95 and yeah, it won’t fit me anytime in the near future. BUT I really really love it. Animal prints are so classic and I love the way this one is done. It is hard for me to spend money on something I won’t be able to wear for a long time. I had the same dillema with this really great orange high-waisted skirt at H&M the other day. I know it would look REALLY great on my pre-pregnant body.

{via She’s a Betty}

  1. Betty

    September 19, 2007

    Love your blog! Thanks for the link.

  2. e

    September 21, 2007

    maybe you could wear it open with a skinny belt cinched up high? the sartorialist has a post on this topic today…

  3. zobars

    September 21, 2007

    Hi Jordan, I don’t see the photo of the skirt you mentioned. Orange is such a versatile color to me.

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