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Sonoma Plein Air Festival

Sonoma was so great. I went up Thursday and helped out a little with the framing and other things but on Friday I hung out with the nice lady from the community that Paul was staying with. Everything was so idyllic. We picked fresh flowers from her amazing garden and then carried them down a country road in a pail to a deli. At the deli we traded the owner the flowers for sandwiches. On the walk back we stopped at the side of the road and picked wild blackberries for lunch. When we got back to her house we picked fresh tomatoes to eat with our sandwiches and berries. It was so wonderful.

Friday night we went to the fancy fundraiser gala that was held at Cline Cellars Winery. The food was amazing, my favorite appetizer was the mini lamburger with feta. I made friends with the lamburger waiter and he would come to my table and let me help myself. After the silent auction everyone sat down to a four course meal that was really really amazing. I was SO FULL by the end of the night. Saturday was the big art show in the park. Paul had a really good year and sold almost everything he painted. I also was able to meet a few friends from the blogging world. It was so fun to finally put some faces to names.

  1. Summers Camp

    September 17, 2007

    That sounds heavenly. *B

  2. LoGunns

    September 17, 2007


  3. Becky

    September 17, 2007

    I was lucky enough to visit Cline Cellars while on vacation to the Bay area and Sonoma a couple of months ago. I can only imagine a gala there. How beautiful!

  4. nie nie

    September 18, 2007

    look how darling you are!

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