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Buying Parking Spots

The moving truck requires parking permits {commercial trucks can get tickets in San Francisco for $700!} I contacted the police to take care of the “no parking” signs that will be placed along the street in front of our current residence and our new one. I was surprised to find out that you can do the same thing if you are having an event or party. I’ve always wanted to do a progressive dinner in the city during the holidays. That way you could see everyone’s festive apartments in the different parts of the city. The problem is figuring our a way to get people en masse from location to location without it taking too long or being a big pain. I always sort of figured we would have to hire a driver or get cabs but for about $150 you can get three different locations reserved for several hours. {That amount divided between several cars is actually pretty reasonable.}

{picture via flickr}

  1. Anita

    September 17, 2007

    It’s a great deal, but try getting DPT to come out if someone parks there… they hardly ever do, and even so they only ticket, and never tow.

    We found this out the hard way when our kitchen contractors arrived with a houseload of cabinets, only to find one of our crackhead neighbors parked in our paid-for spot.

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