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  1. Summers Camp

    August 24, 2007

    Ooh, I love the poster. *B

  2. Jamie Meares

    August 24, 2007

    oh, i like that poster too.

  3. The Maltese Kat

    August 24, 2007

    I love 826 as well! What a great place and a great “mission” as well. (pun intended)

  4. Sara

    August 25, 2007

    OK…I am have just spent the past three hours on your blog…and have only gotten through a few months back in 06. I must get up from this computer and get started on some nesting projects RIGHT NOW..but I just wanted to tell you how great your writing, ideas, pictures, etc are. I am a forever fan now! Some things I have loved so far..
    Moo Sticker books….do you just upload a bunch of your pictures and they make stickers out of them? Might be cute to do when our first baby comes in November…could seal envelopes with cute little baby pictures.
    Best Box from the container store…I’ve bookmarked it. I need some.
    Silhouette of you and paul in a frame. I have photoshop…how did you do that? I want to do it of our 2 Weimaraners.
    Speaking of dogs…the dog blog. Hilarious.
    NY Times wedding announcement blog..even funnier!
    Those huge balloons…also FABULOUS. I bookmarked to order but how will I get them filled with helium? I guess I’ve never thought about asking a balloon place if they will fill up balloons that they don’t sell? Any ideas about this? Did you ever order any? Use them?
    Also, letting balloons go on birthdays and making wishes. I love it. Balloons from your wedding pictures were so pretty.
    OK sorry for crazy long post….but wanted to thank you for such a great spot here on the net. CANNOT wait to get my tags and labels and also can;t wait until you open a shop with lots of your things! You said you do you do birth announcements?
    Off to check on the price of Martha Stewart Wedding subscription and maybe Dominoe…and already ordered Cookie (BTW, no one carries Cookie on the shelf around here???)
    One last thing…my mom works part-time at Macy’s and I just put in a request for a package of those skinny, tall candles! YUM

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