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Greek Salad

My older sister and her husband spent a year living in Greece when I was in high school. My mom came back from a trip to visit them and Greek Salad has been one of my favorite foods ever since. I ate this almost everyday last week. It is super easy to make, most of the ingredients we always have on hand and preparation takes 10 minutes. Here is my version:

Feta Cheese
1 Hothouse Cucumber
2 Really good tomatoes
Can of Olives (I just use good ol’ California black ones)
Onions (I don’t like bad breath so usually I leave this ingredient out)
Salt and Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Loaf of really good crusty bread

Peel the cucumber so the skin isn’t so tough to chew (I like to leave a little skin for the vitamins) and cut into bite size pieces. Then cut the tomatoes into bite size pieces. Add 3/4 can of olives and some cut-up onions then spoon feta in to taste. Sprinkle with oregano and Salt and Pepper. Finally drizzle everything in olive oil and vinegar. I use three parts olive oil and one part vinegar. This recipe is really informal and I make it different every time. This is just a loose formula to follow.

Remember to dip your bread in the oil/vinegar mixture at the bottom of your salad bowl! Yum!!!!!

  1. robin k

    June 27, 2007

    Yum. I love Greek salads, too.

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