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  1. ferardandy

    June 25, 2007

    that ninja pose of mine is a disgrace. it looks like i’m trying to be “ninja barbie” or maybe “ninja charlotte”.

  2. jordan

    June 25, 2007

    I love Aubrey’s weapon like fingers. Look how long those are!

  3. Chelle and Aaron

    June 25, 2007

    Why can I totally see you doing that?…

  4. Paul Ferney

    June 25, 2007

    I just checked out Aubrey’s photos again. They are amazing!

  5. love.boxes

    June 25, 2007

    I love this picture! Soo fun! 🙂

  6. Sharon

    June 25, 2007

    i have a picture of myself and my roommate very similar to this one tooooo

  7. Amanda Conley

    June 25, 2007

    You don’t know me – but I just HAD to comment. Hilarious!

  8. Katie

    June 26, 2007

    Hilarious! I love it. College is such a fun place to play and be crazy.

  9. michelle

    June 28, 2007

    That is so funny! I bet those people will never forget being “ninjad”

  10. kate2create

    July 2, 2007

    Longtime lurker, first time poster.
    That is THE funniest story + photo-I almost spit out my drink. Love it, and love your blog

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